Published March 15, 2021

I was born and raised in Redding and attended Shasta High School, where I was a three-sport athlete. My Dad played football for Shasta College, and I remember him taking us to the games and getting lost in the excitement! 

I was recruited to play softball and soccer at Shasta College my senior year. My plan was to major in biological sciences, get my associate degree and get a scholarship to play softball. I knew that college had a hefty price tag, and I was fearful of debt. 

I had an amazing counselor, Mrs. Cushnie, who kept me on schedule while playing two sports, taking high-end science courses, and working part-time. Professors Gottlieb, Meacham, and Stupek inspired me and were instrumental in my college success. One of my favorite classes was public speaking. Although frightening at first, I realized I enjoyed being in front of the class and that I can do hard things! 

Shasta College laid the foundation and gave me the confidence to pursue a heavy academic workload and stay true to my graduation and educational goals.

I graduated with my Associate in Science in two years and chose to attend Chico State to play softball. 

Words of wisdom…really look into different career paths that interest you and volunteer for internships/externships. Take a Career Education (CE) course or two in high school. Dual enroll in high school and earn college units to increase your chances of staying on track and graduating on time. 

Shasta College Knight