Published October 3, 2022

I was born in Uganda as the youngest of 10 kids and moved to the US to pursue my passion and get a career in medicine. I’m one of the lucky ones–I’ve always known what I want to do. I believe my desire came from watching people in Uganda suffer from the lack of medicine and wanting to help.  

I have been a corpsman in the United States Navy Reserves for over five years. Serving in the military has been great for me. I’ve met a lot of wonderful brothers and sisters from different countries, and it’s been a good journey. I’m proud to serve this country. 

Shasta College has been a great, great place for me. I started as an EMT coach; now, I’m an EMT instructor. First, I was a student; now, I’m a graduate! I met a lot of great instructors, especially Dr. Scott Croes, and received terrific help from programs like TRIO/EOPS. The flexibility from everyone at Shasta College has been so helpful. I cried leaving Shasta College. As a student, I really appreciated Shasta College and all the help I received there. 

Even before I graduated from the Nursing program at Shasta College, I was offered a job at Mercy Hospital as an ICU Nurse–which is what I wanted to do! I haven’t had time to celebrate that yet, but it’s Mercy, and I’m excited for my career. 

As a father, it means a lot to know that I can provide for my family, and that my kids are proud of my accomplishments. You have to stick to your goals, but at Shasta College, there’s always someone ready to say, “let’s see how I can help you!”

Shasta College Knight