Published December 2, 2020

To the Shasta College Community:

I trust you had at least a little time to relax and unplug from all we are dealing with last week.  It sure feels like we are in a marathon, and the finish line keeps getting moved before we are even close to reaching it.  I encourage you all to stay the course and keep modeling safe practices to those around you.

The main purpose to this message is to give you the information we released yesterday about the spring semester with links to resources.  The Press Release is below my signature line for your reference.  Additionally, please note that we plan to send out another message as soon as we can if/when the anticipated new stay at home order comes out from the Governor’s Office (for reference the link to the COVID 19 page is  

I want to once again express my appreciation for all you are doing in assisting our students and encouraging them to complete this term and enroll in the Spring to keep their pursuit of their educational goals on track as much as possible.  I believe one day we will look back on this period of time with both grief and pride in our hearts: grief over the many individual losses we are experiencing, yet pride in the work we put in to help our communities through this historic time.

Joe Wyse
Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community  College District
11555 Old Oregon Trail
Redding, CA 96049-6006