What Faculty Are Saying 

“I could wax poetic about the Shasta College Writing Center for hours! One of the best assignments that I have my students do is to visit the Shasta College Writing Center before students turn in a major essay. Having another writing expert provide them with concrete, actionable feedback helps them in the writing process, and when students are feeling stuck, the Writing Center staff is fantastic at helping them brainstorm.

They have been serving my students for years and are a huge part of my student's success in composition because the feedback loop is key. The more feedback writers get, the better!

The Writing Center creates a welcoming, supportive, and knowledgeable source of feedback for my student writers; it supports their learning and helps create a sense of community. If you have not visited the Writing Center or encouraged students to visit, it is an invaluable resource, and now, appointments can be made face-to-face or via Zoom.”

Kylee Duran Cox

"What an amazing resource for any class! Every semester I require my college success students to make an appointment with a tutor in the Writing Center as part of a writing assignment. Whether it's Zoom or in-person, my students consistently share how valuable the sessions are. They describe tutors as friendly, understanding, and knowledgeable. I see my students' writing skills improve in just one session. Once students connect with a tutor and get over the first-time visit jitters, they turn into Writing Center regulars. This is great news because students are more likely to persist if they access resources like the Writing Center."

Melanee Grondahl
Student Development Instructor

“SI has been amazing for my Managerial Accounting class! The classes I teach are known to be “rigorous” and my SI tutors have made the course so much more doable and approachable for my students. Students know that they have a peer that they can reach out to for help and support. The support my students have received from their SI tutors has been incredible. I am very grateful for the SI program and for all the help my students have received”

Juanne Van Der Linde, MBA
Accounting Instructor