PACE is responsible for determining and providing required academic accommodations for students with disabilities. A variety of support services are provided to students with verified disabilities.

You must turn in the following:

PACE Application for Services by going HERE and logging into AIM using your SC login and Disability Documentation Form completed by an appropriate & licensed professional (Copies of signed psychological or medical records may be sufficient)

You can access your online courses by logging into Shasta College Online Portal and selecting Canvas. Your registered classes will show on your dashboard once the instructor has published your class.

Please contact the class instructor with questions regarding your class.  You may email the instructor through your Canvas Inbox along with referring to the class syllabus to find the instructor’s best contact information.

Testing accommodations work the same online as they do for in-class courses.  When your instructor receives notice of your accommodations, the instructor will then apply the extended time accommodation to your course.  Audio Exam will be unavailable for online courses. You may contact the PACE department at for other resources to assist you. Follow up with your instructor if you have further questions about your accommodations in your online course. 

You will need to sign a Consent for Release of Information form (available in room 2006 or online) to request records from another agency or previous school. The person requesting the information will then turn it into the agency or school in person, by fax, or mail.

Yes, IEP, 504, psychological testing and Psychoeducational evaluation results, Learning Disability assessments including scores, or a Summary of Performance Report (SOP) may be used to qualify.  

You can complete and sign the student portion of the Disability Verification form (available in room 2006 or by clicking HERE​). You can then take it directly to your physician to be completed, or we can fax it to the physician/licensed professional and wait for a reply. Once we receive the required information, we will then contact you to schedule an intake appointment.

No information can be released from PACE without a Consent for Release of Information signed by the student. There is no information on a student's enrollment or transcript to indicate that they are registered with PACE. (However; specialized (ADAP/CALS) classes do appear on the transcript).

Please call (530) 242-7790 or come by the PACE office in room 2006 and let staff know that you need a copy of your education plan. If you need a copy of your disability verification, you will need to submit a signed written request to the PACE office. With your signed consent and at your request, we can release disability records generated by Shasta College PACE to other institutions. All other disability records that have been obtained from outside agencies can only be released with the permission of the agency that generated the records.

Counselors may need to sign an add slip if the student is taking more than 19 units in one semester. Counselors do not need to sign drop slips.

You may go to the Assessment office in room 2215, or schedule online through your AIM profile.

No. Services are authorized individually for each student's disability and related educational limitations, and are provided free of charge.

No. Students with disabilities are responsible for the same fees and payments as all other students attending the college. Students receiving SSI may be eligible for the Board of Governors Grant Fee Waiver (BOGFW).

If you have questions about your paperwork please ask for assistance in the related department directly. It is up to that office to determine if they have staff to assist you. Remember, family members or friends can help you complete the paperwork.

PACE does not provide financial assistance. There are other financial assistance programs available through the college such as EOPS which is also located in Room 2005.

PACE does not provide handicapped parking permits. Such permits are available only through the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Once you have the permit you may park in any designated or non-designated parking space. Please make sure that your permit is visible. The fine for parking in a handicapped parking space without a permit is $275.00.  For full parking rules visit our Shasta College Parking Enforcement Website.   

PACE does not provide RABA bus passes. 

There is no transportation help available for students from site to site on campus. ​​​​​