TRIO Upward Bound is a federally funded program designed to prepare and motivate high school students for success in post-secondary education. Upward Bound helps strengthens student academic skills, assists with personal growth, increase post-secondary and career options, and helps students stay focused on educational goals. 

Shasta College TRIO Upward Bound serves students at:

  • Central Valley High School
  • Corning High School
  • Enterprise High School

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Events & Workshops Provided

What does Upward Bound have to offer?

  • ​Advising: Career Exploration, Academic: Secondary and Post-secondary Advising, Financial Aid and Scholarship Assistance, College Awareness Activities, College Field Trips, Financial Aid & Financial Literacy, Parent Information
  • Academic Preparation: Study Skills Development, SAT/ACT Preparation and Fee Waivers, Course & Grade Monitoring, Help Strengthen your Academic Skills, Tutoring Assistance/Referrals, Earn High School and College Credit 
  • Post-secondary Placement: College Admissions Advising, Financial Aid and Scholarship Assistance, College Field Trips, College Application Assistance 
  • Career Exploration​: Career Inventories, Work Experience Advocacy, Career Fair​ 
  • Personal Development: Mentoring, Encouragement in Staying Focused on Goals, Personal Growth