SC ​Program Code Program Review
AA.1360 Music
AA.1491 ​University Studies: Agriculture Science​
AA.1494 University Studies: Engineering
AA.1507 University Studies: Biological Science​
AA.1510 ​University Studies: Physical Science
AS.1165 ​Construction Technology
AS.1240 Fire Technology​
AS.1356 ​Office Administration - Medical Office Specialist
AS.1380 ​Associate Degree Nursing
AS.1397 ​Office Administration - Administrative Office Professional
AS.1490 ​Welding Technology
AS.1492 Horticulture and Landscaping
AS.1494 Forest Science and Technology
AS.1495 ​Natural Resources 
AS.1496 General Studies: Agriculture Trades​
AS.1518 Agriculture Business​
AS.1519 Sustainable Agriculture Science
CL.3091 Office Administration - Administrative Office Assistant​
CL.3425 Equipment Operations and Maintenance
​CL.3426​ Horticulture - Irrigation
CL.3434 ​Fire Technology - Wildland Firefighter 1 Academy
CL.3450 Entrepreneurial Manufacturing​
CL.3451 Industrial Automation and Manufacturing​
CT.3265 ​Vocational Nursing
CT.3276 ​Office Administration - Medical Office Specialist
CT.3430 ​Welding Technology
CT.3442 ​Natural Resources 
CT.3444 ​Firefighter 1​
CT.3445 ​Firefighter 2
CT.3450 Pest Control Advisor Preparation