SC Program Code Program Review
AA.1506 University Studies: Meteorology/Climatology AA Degree
AA.1512 University Studies: Natural Sciences AS Degree
AA.1513 University Studies: Humanities AA Degree
AA.1514 University Studies: World Languages
AA-T.4001 Political Science
AA-T.4002 Geography
AS.1175 Diesel Technology
AS.1292 Hospitality: Culinary Arts Concentration AS Degree
AS.1294 Hospitality: Hotel/Restaurant Management AS Degree
AS.1380 Associate Degree Nursing AS Degree
AS.1492 Horticulture and Landscaping
AS.1494 Agriculture: Forest Science and Technology
AS.1495 Natural Resources
AS.1515 General Studies: Humanities AS Degree
AS-T.2002 Agriculture Plant Science
CL.3242 Hospitality: Hotel/Restaurant Management Certificate
CL.3426  Horticulture: Irrigation Certificate
CT.3134 Diesel Technology Certificate
CT.3265 Nursing Vocational Certificate
CT.3442 Natural Resources Cert
CT.3450 Pest Control Advisor Preparation Cert