SC Program Code Program Review
AA.1498 University Studies: Oceanography AA Degree
AA.1505 University Studies: Science Teacher – Earth AA Degree
AA-T.1002 Sociology AA-T Degree
AA-T.1006 Psychology AA-T Degree
AS.1081 Business Administration – Accounting Concentration AS Degree
AS.1085 Business – Management AS Degree
AS.1157 Computer and Information Systems – Systems Management AS Degree
AS.1190 Early Childhood Education AS Degree
AS.1498 General Studies: Office and Computer Technologies AS Degree
AS.1501 General Studies: Human Development AS Degree
AS.1514 General Studies: Natural Sciences AS Degree
AS.1520 Geographic Information Systems
AS-T.1001 Business Administration AS-T Degree
AS-T.1002 Early Childhood Education AS-T Degree
As-T.1005 Geology
CL.3055 Business Administration – Business Entrepreneurship Certificate
CL.3115 Web Design Certificate
CL.3133 Customer Service Academy Certificate
CL.3154 ECE – Family Childcare Certificate
CL.3246 Hospitality: Bartender Culinary Arts Emphasis Cert
CL.3429 Computer and Information Systems – Computer Maintenance Certificate
CL.3441 Computer and Information Systems – CISCO Networking Certificate
CT.3060 Accounting Clerk/Bookkeeper Certificate
CT.3108 Computer and Information Systems – Network Administration Certificate
CT.3351 Business Retailing Certificate
CT.3449 Geographic Information Systems Cert
CT.3451 Early Childhood Education Certificate