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Multicriteria Selection Process Information Sessions Multicriteria Selection Process Filing Period
Monday, March 25, 2024 at 5:30 pm

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June 3 – June 21, 2024
Monday, October 14, 2024 at 5:30 pm

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*Please Note: There is only one application period per year for the Multicriteria Selection Process.

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Students must meet all the following requirements to apply through the Multicriteria Selection Process:

  • High school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Completion of Prerequisite Courses with specified grade and/or GPA requirements. No in-progress courses will be accepted.
  • Completion of Graduation Requirements. No in-progress courses will be accepted.
  • Completion of the TEAS exam with a composite score and individual area scores of 62% or above. (see TEAS Guidelines). Any required remediation must be completed prior to the application period.
  • Completion of all non-time sensitive Health and Safety Requirements.

A completed Multicriteria Selection Process Application Packet includes ALL of the following:

  • ​​Application for admission to Shasta College (updated annually online, no earlier than January 1). 
  • All completed required forms in the ADN Program Multicriteria Selection Process Application Packet.
  • Official* transcripts of ALL colleges attended.  These will be used to document the successful completion of all prerequisite and graduation requirements courses.
  • Official* high school transcripts showing date of graduation, completion of California High School Proficiency Examination, or verified copy of G.E.D. test results. This requirement is not necessary if applicant has a post-secondary degree and submits the official College Transcript showing the conferred degree​
  • If applicant has attended another nursing program, a letter from the nursing program director of the previous school, regarding applicant's standing in the program is required.
  • Official transcript of TEAS exam results. (see TEAS Guidelines)
  • If a TEAS score is below 62% in any category or overall, a copy of a completed TEAS Remediation Plan signed by the program director must be included.
  • Proof of immunity for all non-time sensitive Health and Safety Requirements​​​ (clinical requirements)​.

*Official transcripts are those that have been received from another educational institution. 

  • Physical transcripts must be in a sealed envelope and remain unopened. DO NOT OPEN.  If an envelope has been opened (seal broken), prior to arriving at Shasta College, it cannot be accepted for the purpose of application to the ADN Program.
  • Electronic transcripts must be sent to admissions@shastacollege.edu, and you must include a copy of the receipt from your transcript request transaction with your application packet.

Additional information related to the completion of the Multicriteria Selection Process Application Packet:

  • Criteria Items 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 (see Overview of Multicriteria Selection Points) are optional. To qualify for points in those areas, submit the required supporting documentation.
  • Shasta College course work will be obtained from the Admissions and Records office and made an official part of the application filing packet. 
  • Failure to include ALL other college and/or high school records will result in the automatic disqualification of the application filing packet.
  • Other college and/or high school records that may already be on file with the Shasta College Admissions and Records office CANNOT be used for this packet.  
  • Documentation showing completion all non-time sensitive clinical requirements must be submitted with your application packet. Failure to submit documentation of all non-time sensitive requirements will result in automatic disqualification of the application packet.
  • If an applicant is not selected for enrollment for the semesters pertaining to the application filing period, the applicant must re-submit all required documentation, including other college and/or high school records, with each new application filing packet.
  • If you were a previously continually qualified applicant, you may elect to use your previously submitted college and/or high school records that are on file with the Shasta College Admissions & Records (A&R) Office. It is highly recommended that you contact the A&R office to confirm that all of your records are still on file as external records, such as transcripts from other schools, are purged over time. There may be a possibility that you may need to resubmit all or some of your college and/or high school records.

Application packets will be available for pickup at the Health Sciences Division Office, or for download from the Health Sciences Forms & Packets webpage, 2-3 days before the spring Information Session and throughout the application filing period.

Health Sciences Division Office
1400 Market St., Room 8204
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 339-3600

Application packets must be submitted within the application filing periods listed above by mail or hand delivery. Packets will not be accepted outside of the application period. 

It is highly recommended that any mailed applications are sent with a means of tracking, such as via Certified Mail. As application packets are submitted, each applicant will receive a receipt. 

Once eligibility is reviewed, notification of application status will be sent via email. 

For information on how applicants are selected, please view ADN Enrollment Through Multicriteria Selection Process.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to maintain current information (name, address, telephone number, email address) with the Health Sciences & University Programs office. 

Typically emails to AOL and Hotmail accounts from Shasta College are not reliably delivered.  We highly recommend that students & applicants establish e-mail accounts with services such as gmail.com or yahoo.com, as we have found that emails to these accounts are more reliably delivered.

Therefore, please make sure that we have your current contact information -- especially email address -- by filling out our online Contact Information Change Form if your information changes after you submit your application.