Students can enter the Health Information Management bachelor degree program through the following pathways:

  1. Entering as a Freshman (1st year): Designed for students admitted to the Health Information Technology two-year associate degree program who are interested in continuing to earn a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management. Students in this track will enter as freshmen.
  2. Entering as a Sophomore (2nd year): Designed for students with previous AS/BS degree in fields other than health information. This track allows students to complete the major requirements (HIT courses) in 1 year.
  3. Entering as a Junior (3rd year): Designed for students who graduated with an Associate in Science degree in Health Information Technology from a regionally accredited institution.

Students who did not follow the CSU or IGETC general education pattern for the Associate degree applying for tracks 2 and 3 may need to take additional lower-division general education courses to meet pre-requisites for the core HIMS courses.