A majority of the Part 2 Pre-Enrollment packet is time-sensitive. Do not complete Steps D - G until after your 1st semester orientation. Students who have been offered a class invitation will be sent an email notification​ with instructions for completing the Part 2 Pre-Enrollment packet; see the information below regarding the packet deadline. Incomplete packets will not be accepted. 

Packet Instructions

  • ​Print the Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet​​​. Use the Pre-Enrollment Clinical Requirements Checklist (page 1) as a guide in completing all the steps. 
  • Proceed with Step C & D.
    • ​​​Step C - Clinical Requirements Checklist: Complete the Clinical Requirement Checklist and submit copies of your original vaccine record or lab test results (titers) showing immunity and CPR certification. Document TB Screening results and Influenza vaccine on the Clinical Requirements Checklist​ form (PDF) and attach supporting documentation, including TB Screening result and proof of flu vaccine administration. For more information, visit the Immunization Information page.​​
    • Step D - COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement: Must provide copy of vaccination card or exemption waiver
  • ​​​​​STOP - Do not complete Steps E - H until after your 1st semester orientation.
  • ​​​When complete, bring your materials to the appropriate office during your 1st semester of the program, by May 1st or December 1st.

Once all the required documentation has been received by office, staff will review the materials and verify completion.  Staff will activate your class position and email you specific registration information for your second semester.  Registration may be completed online or in-person at the Admissions & Records office.