Application Filing Period – Information Session

An Application Information Session is scheduled during March each year for those who wish to apply for the next spring class. Applicants who attend the Application Session will be able to obtain an application packet. After this date, applicants may download the application packet or pick up a packet in person at 1400 Market Street, Suite 8204, Redding, CA 96001.​ 

Next Application Information Session: Tentative - Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 6pm-7:30pm via Zoom

Application Filing Period: Wednesday, September 1, 2021​​​​ – Friday, October 1, 2021

Application packets will be available following an annual Information Session each March for the following September filing period. It is imperative to submit all required documentation for the application packet to be accepted/qualified. Please make sure to gather all required documentation prior to the September 1 filing date. If you have any questions, please contact the Health Sciences Office at (530) 339-3661

Completion of Application Packets

Completed packets must be hand-delivered to the Health Sciences Division Office according to the instructions on the Featured Announcements page OR postmarked no later than 4:00 pm on the final date of the application-filing period. Health Sciences personnel will only accept application packets that are in a sealed envelope. Email submissions of the application packet will not be accepted.

A Completed Application Packet includes all of the following:

  • Shasta College Application - click here to apply to Shasta College
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Program Application Filing form
  • Official* ​transcripts of ALL other colleges attended. (Shasta College transcripts are already on file).  These will be used to document the successful completion of all pre-requisite courses.
  • Official* high school transcripts showing date of graduation, completion of California High School Proficiency Examination, or verified copy of G.E.D. test results.​ Official high school transcript, or official CHSPE, or official transcript of G.E.D test results are not necessary if applicant has a post-secondary degree and submits the official College Transcript showing the conferred degree. No copies of degrees, diplomas, certificates, or transcripts will be accepted.
  • Proof of immunizations per the Health and Safety (Clinical) Requirements - Other Programs Immunization Information

*Official transcripts are those that have been received from another educational institution in a sealed envelope and remain unopened.  Once an envelope containing a transcript has been opened (seal broken), it cannot be accepted by Shasta College for purposes of application filing to the PTA program.

Additional information related to the completion of the application packet:

  • Shasta College work will be obtained from the Admissions and Records office and made an official part of the application filing packet. 
  • Failure to include ALL other college and/or high school records will result in the automatic disqualification of the application filing packet.
  • Other college and/or high school records that may already be on file with the Shasta College Admissions and Records office CANNOT be used for this initial application packet. 
  • If an applicant is determined to be ineligible or is not selected for admission to the program, the applicant must re-submit a new completed application packet in the next application filing period ​EXCEPT: all other college and/or high school records.  Shasta College will retain official transcripts and allow students re-applying to use these previously submitted records

Application Requirements

As application-filing packets are submitted, the packet will be logged in and the applicant will receive a receipt.  A postmark will qualify as a date of submission - postmarks that fall outside of the application filing period will not be accepted.

For each date of the application filing period, a randomized number will be assigned to each packet submitted. The first 24 randomized qualified applicants will receive an Enrollment Invitation Letter from the Health Sciences Division Office via email within 6 weeks after the close of the filing period. The next 12 randomized qualified applicants will be placed on the Alternate List for that cohort and will receive notification of Alternate Status by the Health Sciences Division Office via email within 6 weeks after the close of the filing period.  If applicants from the first 24 decline enrollment into the program or fail to successfully meet the prerequisites prior to enrollment, applicants from the Alternate List will be invited to enroll as positions become available in the cohort. 

Please do not contact the Health Sciences Division for enrollment information unless the 6 week period has elapsed. 

There will be no Wait List for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. If an applicant is not accepted into the program either in the first 24 randomized qualified applications or via the Alternate List, the applicant must complete the full application process (check the box on the application for transcripts already submitted) for the next cohort. If an applicant submitted an application on Day One of the application filing period and did not gain admission to the program, and submits an application on Day One of the subsequent application filing period, that applicant will receive two submissions in the randomization for that day.

Selection Criteria for Qualified Applicants

Final selection of qualified applicants is based on successful completion of all pre-requisites and other requirements. Applications submitted with all pre-requisites completed will be given priority. Applications submitted with "in-progress" work will be accepted. Course work that is “in-progress” must be satisfactorily completed prior to admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant program. If an applicant fails to meet this requirement, they will be removed from the cohort and an applicant on the Alternate List will be invited.

Notification of Acceptance

The first 24 randomized qualified applicants will receive an Enrollment Invitation Letter by the Health Sciences Division Office via email within 6 weeks after the close of the filing period. If an applicant declines their invitation into the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, they will be removed from the applicant pool and the applicant will need to re-apply during a subsequent application filing period to be considered for admission.

Students who are not selected for the class have the option of re-applying during a subsequent application filing period for consideration to another class. Students who have been notified of disqualification may contact the Health Sciences Division at to discuss actions required to meet qualification standards. 

All application placements are based on space availability.

Current Information

It is the applicant’s responsibility to maintain current information (name, address, telephone number, email address) with the Health Sciences & University Programs office. Please make sure that we have your current contact information (especially email address) by filling out our online Contact Information Change Forms. 

Contact Information Change Form - Health Sciences Programs  

Typically emails to AOL and Hotmail accounts from Shasta College are not reliably delivered.  We highly recommend that students & applicants establish e-mail accounts with services such as or, as we have found that emails to these accounts are more reliably delivered.