The purpose of this page is to provide current, general information about the Dual Enrollment and Articulation Annual Course Request Process. Our goal is to provide transparent procedures and accurate expectations for becoming a Shasta College Dual Enrollment Instructor. Thank you for your interest in the Shasta College Dual Enrollment and Articulation Program.

Timeline for High School Course Requests

October Course request cycle opens
Mid February High schools identify classes and submit requests for following academic year.
March Course and instructor review
April  Notifications sent. Deadline for deans to complete interviews, if needed.
May List of classes finalized for following academic year.
August Annual mandatory training

To ensure you are on the email list for notification, email Tabitha Miller at

Are you interested in Dual Enrolling your high school class? Let's get started!


  • We will route your Course Request with hiring paperwork to establish a meeting with the Dean of the division and 1-2 faculty members where you might be asked to provide a teaching demonstration. 
  • A determination will be made whether the course request is approved based on the applicant’s minimum qualifications (or equivalency), syllabus submission, whether the course aligns with the Shasta College Course Outline of Record, and the course meets the intended rigor. 
  • The Dual Enrollment office will notify each instructor of the results and communicate additional information at that time.
  • Must sign an Instructional Service Agreement. 
  • Must attend 1-2 annual trainings or professional development opportunities. 
  • Must assist students with CCCApply Application to Shasta College and assist with registration into the Dual Enrolled course (we have someone to assist with this process if you’d like – email and request a time for a staff member to come to your class!).
  • Must complete end-of-term reporting (grades within 3 days after the course ends) and report Student Learning Outcomes. 
  • Must complete Positive Attendance Rosters through MyShasta. 
  • Must agree to evaluations, observations, or collaborations with Shasta College faculty upon request (if this is required, it will be facilitated by the Dual Enrollment Office).

    • Upon completion of these requirements, Dual Enrolled instructors will be paid a base of $200 with the opportunity for additional funding based on course units and enrollment. 

  • In this Dual Enrollment model, a high school who does not have a teacher that meets minimum qualifications for a subject can request an online college course be created specifically for their students. Students who enroll in the class receive their course instruction online during a set, high school class period. The college course is taught by a Shasta College Faculty member who collaborates with a high school teacher to ensure students meet the rigorous expectations of the class.
  • The high school teacher is generally a subject matter instructor at the high school and can offer supplemental instruction and added accountability to the students. They also facilitate the enrollment process and help students with any issues they may have with Canvas. 
  • To request an Online Facilitated Course, please submit an Online Facilitated Course Request and return it to

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