“Participation in dual enrollment can help students succeed in higher education by giving them a realistic idea of what college requires while giving them a head-start on college-level work.” - Community College Research Center (CCRC), 2012

What is Dual Enrollment?

In Dual Enrollment (DE), high school students can take courses at their high school, and earn college credits at the same time they earn their high school credits for FREE!

Why Dual Enrollment?

Compared to similar peers, Dual Enrollees have:

  • Higher rates of high school graduation (7% increase on average).
  • Higher rates of college enrollment (15% increase on average).
  • Higher rates of subsequently completing a college degree (25% increase on average).
  • HUGE cost-savings due to enrollment fees being waived (up to $1000/year on average).

Career Ladders Project (CLP), October 2018

How do students get involved with Dual Enrollment?

  • Enroll at Shasta College Online: Become a college student.
  • Register for a Dual Enrolled Course: Talk to your high school instructor or counselor to fill out a registration form.
  • Attend Registered Courses: Attend courses at their high school and start progressing toward a college degree!

Note: Grades become part of their official college transcript. For more information contact the Shasta College Dual Enrollment Office at dualenrollment@shastacollege.edu or (530) 242-7756.

How to Create a Dynamic Forms Account

For instructions on how to create a Dynamic Forms account:

Note: These instructions are for Dual Enrollment parents and students only, please refer to the Course Catalog for non-DE registration. 

Dual Enrollment Parent Newsletter

Check out our Dual Enrollment parent newsletter! What's inside? Important Dates, Tips for Dropping a Class, Resources for DE students, the latest DE news, and more!