Credit shall be granted via Credit by Exam/Assessment to high school students who earn a grade of “A” or “B” in articulated high school courses final exam.

Any student who successfully completed a high school course’s final exam that was articulated under the terms of a previous agreement shall be permitted to apply the credit so earned according to the terms of the previous agreement, under the catalog rights at the time the course was taken.

  • Courses for which credit is given pursuant to the provisions of this section shall not be counted in determining the 12 semester hours of credit in residence required for an associate degree.
  • The process for requesting Credit by Exam: Articulated High School Courses is handled by the Dual Enrollment Office.
  • If the student successfully completes the course per the above criteria, the course information is posted to the student’s transcript along with a notation of ‘Credit for Prior Learning: Articulated High School course’.
  • High school students are exempt from the Credit for Prior Learning requirement that they are to be currently or previously enrolled at Shasta College.

Articulation Request for Credit Form

If you took a course in high school that was articulated with a Shasta College course, please follow the steps below to submit a request for credit form:

  1. Obtain the grade you received on the final exam for the course. You must have received a grade of ‘B’ or higher to receive credit for the course.
  2. Go to the High School Articulation Request for Credit Form (Dynamic Forms) in the Shasta College portal and fill it out. 
  3. Submit the form and it will be processed as soon as possible.

Please Note: The grade you received must be confirmed by the high school instructor. If a Final Exam Grade Report was not submitted to Shasta College by the instructor, every effort will be made to obtain one to process your form.

Please Note: If Shasta College awards Credit for Prior Learning coursework and units, they will be used to fulfill your Shasta College graduation requirements. This coursework and associated units will be added to your Shasta College transcript. Financial Aid cannot be used to pay for units earned through CPL.

If you plan to transfer to another institution, please be aware that every college/university has their own policies about Credit for Prior Learning. What was accepted at Shasta College may not be accepted at another institution.

If you are planning to transfer to a California State University, please know that according to CSU Systemwide policy, CSUs will accept coursework earned through CPL for ADT degrees (AST/AAT), and full or partial CSU GE and/or CSU-IGETC certification. If you experience any problem with a CSU accepting your CPL coursework, please reach out to Buffy Tanner, Director of Innovation and Special Projects, so she can intervene with the CSU System on your behalf.