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Map your education by viewing the Academic Plan for the degree or certificate you’re interested in earning below. Meet with a counselor to create your official comprehensive education plan.

CIS – CISCO Networking (C)

This certificate prepares students for entry-level networking positions.

CIS – Computer Maintenance (C)

This certificate provides the exposure and training necessary to maintain and troubleshoot common PC computer systems.

CIS – Network Administration (C)

Second level certificate that continues to build from either the Microsoft Server or CISCO Networking certificates and leads into the Datacenter Admin certificate. Students completing this degree will qualify for entry-level jobs.

CIS – Systems Management (AS)

Prepares students to enter the workforce in an entry-level IT related position with many public and private organizations, or to start your own IT related business.

CIS – Windows Server (C)

Prepares students for employment in entry-level Windows Server Jobs in this sector.

Office and Computer Technologies (AS)

Allows students to explore areas of office management and computer & information management, including clerical skills, legal assisting, medical coding & billing, medical transcription, Computer Networking, A+, and Web design.

Web Design (C)

Prepares students for entry-level jobs in web design, prepares students to design their own web sites for small business and organizations and is designed for students with little or no web design experience.

Web Master (C)

Covers advanced web development skills using current techniques and software. Prepares students for entry-level positions as well as the skills needed to start their own small business in web design and multimedia marketing.

Transferring for Bachelor’s Degree

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