Associate in Science | SC Program: AS.1157

Academic Plan

An academic plan shows all the courses you need to graduate and a suggested order in which you should take them. To make your personalized comprehensive education plan, please make an appointment with a counselor.

First Year

Fall Semester

Course Title Credits
CIS 2 Intro to Computer Science 4 Units
CIS 31 CCNA 1 – Intro to Networks 3 Units
CIS 13 (F only) Windows Desktop OS Config 3 Units
Math 110+ Essential Mathematics 3 Units
CIS 1+ Computer Literacy 3 Units
  TOTAL 16 Units

Spring Semester

Course Title Credits
CIS 32+ CCNA 2 – Routing & Switching* 3 Units
CIS 72 (SP only) Fundamentals of Linux 3 Units
INDE 38 (SP only) Intro Industrial Mechatronics 3 Units
ENGL 1A+ College Composition 4 Units
CMST 54+ Small Group Comm 3 Units
  TOTAL 16 Units


Second Year

Fall Semester

Course Title Credits
CIS 33+ CCNA 3 – Scaling Networks* 3 Units
CIS 34+ CCNA 4 – Connecting Networks* 3 Units
CIS 92 Intro to Computer Security 3 Units
CIS 15 (F only) Install/Config Microsoft Server 3 Units
BUAD 10 Intro Business 3 Units
  TOTAL 15 Units

Spring Semester

Course Title Credits
CIS 90 (SP only) A+ Cert Prep/CISCO IT Ess 4 Units
CIS 94 Worksite Learning 1 Units
AGNR 60+ Environmental Science 3 Units
HUM 2+ Exploring Humanities 3 Units
GEOG 7+ California Geography 3 Units
  TOTAL 14 Units

More info coming soon!

Total Units for Certificate: 61

+See your Shasta College counselor for alternative course options. 
*Student may choose CISCO or Microsoft Server Option.

Note: If computer literacy is met by exam or course substitution, CIS 1 will not be required and student may take 2 units of elective to reach 60 units for the degree.

For reference only as of 2019/2020

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