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COVID-19 Update: Operating and Trucking Courses are meeting in person during labs with lecture content in online format.

CONS-149A Class A & B License Training Course

Class covers all content for DMV Class A and/or B Licenses, including:

  • ​Walk-around inspections
  • In-cab brake checks
  • Commercial Driving Handbook 
  • On-road Driving Skills
  • Backing Exercises

Frequently Asked Questions

Class schedules vary depending on location. To view the class schedule, look for the course description in MyShasta​. Select the “Search Course Offerings” link on the MyShasta home page and search the following--Term: select semester of interest Subject: CONS Course Number: 149A.​

Be sure to click on the course description link to see the course details for full details about the time and days of the course.

The class costs approximately $500. There are out-of-pocket fees required to get your Commercial Driver's license that are not included in the cost of the Shasta College course and drug testing fees. All costs may vary based on student type, financial aid availability, and access to services. You can find an example cost breakdown below:

Cost Breakdown

Total Cost: $486

  • $159 Registration Fee 
  • $135 cash or $145 credit/debit for required drug test
  • $82 for DMV Commercial Learner's Permit Application
  • Approximately $100 for Department of Transportation approved Physical Exam (exam provides documentation required for Commercial Learner's Permit Application). Cost varies per physician and may be covered by student's health care.

CONS-149A is an 18 week class. ​Depending on the section you take, the class may meet once or twice weekly, for a total of approximately six hours per week. This is a college class, which means that it follows our academic calendar​ and meets during our semesters. A fall semester class will start in August and continue through December, and a spring semester class will start in January and meet through May. See the Important Dates page for exact semester start dates.

Some students find that additional time is needed to master the skills necessary for their Class A & B licenses. Students who earn a passing grade in CONS-149A but do not get their license may register for CONS-149B for additional training. CONS-149B will be available​ starting Spring 2021. You can pursue your Class A and/or Class B license in both courses. 

You do not need to have your Commercial Learner's Permit before you take this course. 

However, we find that our most successful students are prepared to get their permits within the first four weeks of the course. This often means they have spent time studying for Commercial Driving Handbook before starting the class. There are also other resources and apps that have practice tests and study questions to help you prepare for the written test.

Yes! Working with the instructor and program staff, you will be able to schedule behind-the-wheel tests at the DMV with the Shasta College trucks during the semester you are taking the course.

All trucks used by the program are currently manual transmissions. This ensures that students will not be restricted to automatic transmission on their licenses, since students test in our trucks. We have trained students at all levels of previous experience with manual transmissions.