The Shasta College Heavy Equipment Program features courses with special admissions requirements, including industry standard drug and alcohol testing. These are requirements students must complete in order to participate in the class. They include, but are not limited to, providing required paperwork, attending required orientations, and submitting to drug and alcohol testing as directed by the program. Requirements may vary by course type.

Operating Courses

Operating courses involve the operation of equipment and vehicles off-road and require students participate in drug and alcohol testing that is not monitored by the Department of Transportation (non-DOT testing). 

  • As of Spring 2022, operating courses are CONS-46, CONS-47, CONS-148, CONS-55A-D, AGNR 56, and certain sections of CONS-94 as determined by the instructor.

Trucking Courses

Trucking courses involve the operation of Shasta College Commercial Motor Vehicles. Trucking courses require students to have a valid California Commercial Learner’s Permit and will require students to participate in drug and alcohol testing that is monitored by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (DOT testing). 

  • As of Spring 2022, trucking courses are CONS-140B.


Drug and Alcohol Testing FAQs

Courses involving the operation of heavy equipment and/or vehicles fall under our Student Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies. Students must complete additional admissions requirements in order to participate in these courses. To register for these courses, start by filling out a registration permission request on our website. 

Our drug and alcohol testing policy ensures the safety of our students and classes, and it prepares our students to meet the expectations of their future workplace. Drug and alcohol testing is a standard practice in industries involving heavy machinery and truck-driving. By implementing pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident drug and alcohol testing, our program educates students in workplace expectations involving controlled substances and ensures they are equipped to meet those standards.

No. Since Shasta College adheres to federal level drug and alcohol testing requirements, marijuana​/THC use will disqualify students from participating in the program. No provisions are made for medical marijuana. 

Enrollment in the Shasta College Student Drug and Alcohol testing costs $135 cash or $145 credit/debit card. Payment is due at the drug testing appointment. This payment will cover student participation in testing for a year. If a student plans on participating in operating courses after their test has expired, they will need to renew their drug test and pay again. 

Shasta College works with a local business in Redding to test our students. In order to prevent confusion, students are given specific details at the program orientation prior to the start of each semester. If you are coming from out of the area, you can contact the heavy equipment program at for more information about drug testing locations.

Students will test within 30 days of the semester start date of their operating courses. Students will be given all the information needed to schedule and attend their drug testing appointment at their program orientation.

Drug tests taken for other reasons and/or at other providers will not satisfy the special admission requirements programs. 

If you were previously enrolled in operating courses and your drug test has expired, contact the heavy equipment program at for conditional registration permission and information on how to renew your drug test.