CONS-140A Commercial Drivers Learner’s Permit Preparation (2 units)

  • Description: This course will guide the student through the California Department of Motor Vehicles Drivers Handbook to prepare them for the Commercial Learners Permit written exam. This course can fulfill the theory requirements of the Entry Level Driver Training requirements.
  • Format: Online, 8-week Course
  • Admissions Requirements: Shasta College student account/ID
  • Special Admissions Requirements: None
  • How to Register: Please fill out a Request for Information for assistance enrolling in courses

CONS-140B Intermediate Class A Driver’s License Training

  • Description: This is an intermediate level course to give students basic skills to obtain Commercial Class A Driver’s License, emphasizing safe operations, pre-operations inspections, and on-road driving skills. This course can fulfill the behind-the-wheel section of Entry Level Driver Training requirements. Drive time availability is subject to change and can require out-of-class time commitments.
  • Format: In-person, 8-week course 
  • Admissions Requirements: Shasta College student account/ID number, 
  • Special Admissions Requirements: CA Commercial Learner’s Permit, Conditional Registration Permission, Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • How to Register: Please fill out a Request for Information for assistance enrolling in courses

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t have a Commercial Learner’s Permit yet, you can take CONS-140A to help you study the Driver’s Handbook and prepare for the written exam. CONS-140A only reviews written exam preparation and general truck driving principles; there is no actual driving in CONS-140A. 

If you already have a Commercial Learner’s Permit, then you can go straight into CONS-140B to practice pre-trip inspections, get on-road driving hours, and, once you are approved by your instructor, schedule tests with Shasta College trucks at the DMV. Since driving is required for the course, you are required to have your Commercial Learner’s Permit in order you take CONS-140B.

CONS-140A & CONS-140B are college classes, therefore you need a Shasta College student account in order to register. For more information about becoming a Shasta College student, visit our guide to Getting Started

Special admissions requirements are extra steps students must take to participate in certain courses. Students in CONS-140B will need Commercial Learner’s Permit before starting the class in order to drive Shasta College trucks. In addition, students in CONS-140B will bel subject to federal level drug and alcohol testing. For more information, view our Special Admissions Requirements.

Shasta College courses cost $46 per unit, with the addition of incidental fees. 

Students who plan on taking CONS-140B should also consider additional costs required by the DMV for your Commercial Driver’s License (application fee, DOT physical, etc.). Drug and Alcohol testing for Special Admissions Requirements requires payment of a once-per-year $135 cash / $145 debit/credit fee. Students currently enrolled in Shasta College Heavy Equipment Operating Courses may have already paid the fee for the year.

In CONS 140B, students can be approved and scheduled by their instructor to use Shasta College trucks for a limited number of DMV behind-the-wheel tests.

Currently Shasta College trains students on manual trucks.