A student who does not meet the college's minimum standards after a third semester on academic and/or progress probation will be subject to dismissal from the college. Students who have been dismissed will be required to sit out for the subsequent semester including summer if dismissed after spring. A dismissed student wishing to re-enroll is required to go through the reinstatement process.

Semesters are considered consecutive based on the student’s enrollment so long as the break in the student’s enrollment does not exceed one primary term. For example, a fall semester followed by a fall semester will be considered consecutive if the student was not enrolled in the spring semester of that academic year. ​

Notification of Dismissal Status

The Admissions and Records office will make every reasonable effort to notify a student via email and/or letter of dismissal due to academic or progress disqualification as soon as that information is available following the completion of the semester.

If a dismissed student has already enrolled in classes for a fall or spring semester, the Admissions and Records Office will disenroll the student retroactively as of the first day of the new term. Dismissal does not apply to summer school.