For the purpose of this policy, a student grievance is defined as a claim by a student that their student rights have been adversely affected by a college decision or action. This policy is available for students who desire to pursue grievance procedures against an employee of the District. The student shall be entitled to representation, by a person of their choice, other than legal counsel, at all informal complaint meetings.

The District is committed to resolving student complaints and/or grievances in a fair and equitable manner. Students are encouraged to work through the District’s process first; however, issues that are not resolved at the District level may be presented to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO).  Please see the CCCCO's Complaint Process

Administrative Procedures (AP) 5530   

Prohibition of Unlawful Discrimination or Harassment

​The District is committed to providing an academic and work environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment.

An individual who believes he or she has  been  discriminated  against and/or harassed because of their race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, or military and veteran status, or because they are perceived to have one or more of the foregoing characteristics, or based on an association with a person with one or more of perceived or actual characteristics , may file a complaint under Administrative Procedure (AP) 3430 (Prohibition of Unlawful Discrimination or Harassment).

An individual who wishes to file a complaint of discrimination and/or harassment under AP 3430 is encouraged to complete and sign the District Unlawful Discrimination Complaint Form (PDF). The District, however, will treat a written and signed complaint submitted in a different format, such as letter or e-mail, as a formal complaint, and will address its merits as if it were filed using the District complaint form.

To file a complaint online, please visit File a Title V Report.

All complaints of discrimination and/or harassment based on disability should be filed with:

Discrimination involving an employee of the college:

Dr. Kevin O'Rorke
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services
Acting Title IX Coordinator
(530) 242-7621

Discrimination involving students only:

Dr. Kevin O’Rorke
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services
(530) 242-7621

Board Policy (BP) 3430
Administrative Policy (AP) 3430

Academic Honesty Violation Procedure

Reference:  Education Code Section 66300, 66301; Accreditation Standard 11.A.7.b

Violation of the code of Conduct rules and regulations delineated in BP 5500. Standards of Conduct shall constitute good cause for student discipline, including but not limited to the removal, suspension or expulsion of a student, subject to the procedures outlined in AP 5520, Student Discipline Procedures.

For detailed information, please view Academic Honesty (AP 5500).