Mission Statement: Hire and engage skilled employees to successfully serve our community

Vision Statement: Hire and engage skilled employees to successfully serve our community

Principles and Values: HR Department staff will be guided by the following principles and values in all interactions, relationships, and public service outcomes: 

  • Strategic Thinking: We will align today’s decisions with our vision of tomorrow’s desired state
  • Best Ideas: We value the best idea over individual agendas; the best ideas are supported by objective evidence
  • Collaboration and Cooperation: We will engage others internally and externally in a positive way to achieve the best outcomes for the community, the District, faculty, and staff in all our work
  • Ethical Action: We will adhere to a high standard of moral and ethical conduct in every word and action
  • Equity: We will meet people at their place of need as we provide our services
  • Inclusive: We will proactively encourage stakeholders to participate in our decision-making
  • Transparent: We will be honest, as transparent as possible, and communicate clearly in all interactions
  • Service: We will pursue efficiency, effectiveness, and equity in all our work
  • Public Value: We will strengthen our community by meeting the highest standards of excellence in public service
  • Compassion: We will treat all people compassionately at all times

Goals to Accomplish by 2025:

  • Automate key HR processes enabling more efficient and effective service
  • Align employment benefits with evolving employee needs
  • Create a culture of accountability, compassion, achievement, and innovation
  • Become a model HR department in the California Community College system
  • Enhance Shasta College’s position as the employer of choice in the region