The Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District (“District”) values the contributions of all employees and representatives. To create a work environment where all employees are empowered to engage in serving our communities to their full potential, the District proactively identifies opportunities to improve workplace accessibility for all and provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with a disability. The Human Resources Department implements and facilitates the District’s policies on equal employment opportunity, including workplace accessibility and reasonable accommodations, supporting administrators, faculty, and staff in fulfilling our obligation to provide healthy, engaging, and supportive working environments for all employees and representatives of the District.

Workplace Accessibility

The District recognizes two essential forms of accessibility – physical environment and program participation.

Physical Environment

The District complies with legal requirements to ensure its buildings and facilities are accessible to and usable by individuals with a disability. Further, the District has established an Accessibility Workgroup and written an ADA Accessibility Plan to identify opportunities to enhance the District’s physical accessibility, recommend remedial and progressive action, communicate the status of the District’s efforts, and receive input on accessibility from stakeholders.

Concerns related to physical accessibility may be directed to:

Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services
11555 Old Oregon Trail
Room 148
P.O. Box 496006
Redding, CA 96049-6006
(530) 242-7527

Program Participation

The District’s Human Resources Department supports all departments and divisions in providing employment opportunities and participation in all District programs and activities in the most accessible manner possible. HR staff work with administrators, faculty, and staff on specific items and concerns to provide and expand accessibility for all individuals to participate fully in employment-related activities and programs.

Concerns related to program participation accessibility may be directed to:

Human Resources Department
11555 Old Oregon Trail
Room 121
P.O. Box 496006
Redding, CA 96049-6006
(530) 242-7640

Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations are a modification or adjustment to a job application process, work environment, manner of performing job duties, or any other program or benefit of employment to enable an individual to participate.

The District provides reasonable accommodations to qualified employees and applicants with disabilities on a case-by-case basis through an interactive process and ensures no discrimination or retaliation occurs.

The Interactive Process

The District engages with employees demonstrating the need for or requesting a reasonable accommodation to communicate about the nature of any work-related issues, impact of a disability on the individual’s ability to perform essential job functions, and potential accommodations to enable the individual to participate successfully in work and employment-related programs. The interactive process is an ongoing communication between the individual applicant or employee and the District to ensure appropriate accommodations are effective throughout the duration of the individual’s disability and employment.

Accommodation Considerations

During the interactive process, the individual and District consider the impacted steps of the application process or essential functions of a position, the impact of the disability on the individual’s ability to participate successfully, and the range of potential accommodations. Reasonable accommodations do not include eliminating essential functions of a position or eliminating required information during the application and hiring process; reducing the expected quantity or quality of work produced by individuals holding a position; providing personal use items such as reading glasses or hearing aid instruments; or accommodations imposing an undue hardship, such as prohibitive costs, on the District.

Information Necessary to Provide a Reasonable Accommodation

The District does not require specific information about an individual’s physical or mental health status when considering and providing reasonable accommodations. The District only requires an individual provide medical information relevant to the accommodation. Relevant information includes the functional limitations impacting the application process, job duty performance, or other aspect of participation in a District program.

Functional Limitations:

  • Nature, severity, and duration of impairment
  • Activities limited by the impairment
  • Extent of limitations on ability to perform activities

The District’s “Fitness for Duty Certification” form requests only the relevant information on functional limitations and is recommended for all employees requesting an accommodation. Where an impairment is obvious, the District may conduct the interactive process without any medical information.

Applicants and employees interested in reasonable accommodations and the interactive process may contact the appropriate Human Resources staff:

Marrianne Williams
Interim Associate Vice President of Human Resources
(530) 242-7649

Amy Westlund
Director of Human Resources
(530) 242-7648

Corinne Ewing
Human Resources Specialist
(530) 242-7641

Human Resources Department
11555 Old Oregon Trail
Room 121
P.O. Box 496006
Redding, CA 96049-6006

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