International Student Handbook

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Student Center

The student center (2000 building) provides students the opportunity to meet and relax between classes. The student center houses the campus cafeteria and the Bistro where both students and faculty can enjoy meals that are prepared by our Culinary Arts Program. Our student annex (2300 building) houses our bookstore, International Student Program, Student Senate Office, campus clubs and student organizations, meeting room, and many others.

Campus Clubs and Student Organizations

The Shasta College Student Senate (SCSS) oversees the student clubs on campus including academic, social, political and service groups.


Sport teams at Shasta College include mens' and womens' soccer, swimming, tennis, golf, basketball, and track and field. Men also play football and wresting and women play softball and volleyball. Students may also take classes in tennis, golf, swimming, yoga, dance, aerobics, martial arts, basketball and volleyball.


Many of our international students take advantage of opportunities in student government and other clubs to exhibit their leadership skills and experience in decision making, planning, team building, problem solving, etc. For students interested in transferring to a university, this is an excellent way to demonstrate your leadership qualities, which can be important in admissions.

Campus Services

Orientation Program

International students participate in a orientation before the start of the academic semester. During the orientation, students will become familiar with the campus, staff and have the opportunity to take a campus tour. Our campus has a lot to offer international students in regards to entertainment, recreation and social activities. 

Our International Student Counselor will provide basic information about Shasta College services and programs, and requirements for associate degrees and bachelor's degrees, general-education and specific majors. Before registering for classes, international students will either be tested for English and Math proficiency or will have their transcripts assessed by the counselor in order to properly place you in the appropriate classes.

Student Housing (Dorms)

Shasta College does have a dormitory complex on campus. Our dorms are very affordable and comfortable and all rooms are double occupancy, which means that you share a room with a roommate. International students are encouraged to room with friendly American students so that you may have someone who is familiar with the college and who can be there for you during the school year. There is bus service to and from campus which runs into the evening hours and is very convenient for students to use if they are living off-campus. Due to the limited number of spaces available, it is advised you submit your $200.00 (USD) deposit into the dorms no later than mid April for the fall semester. This will put you early on the list for a room reservation. If you are interested in more information or an application, please contact student housing.  

Student housing on campus is an excellent way to meet new students and continuing students at Shasta College. International students usually want to be matched with American students so that they can practice their English skills on a daily basis and have a room mate who can help them with other things outside of the campus, which includes knowing where to shop, how to get around town, going to the bank and etc. Many of our students welcome the opportunity to interact and be friends with international students. 

English as a Second Language Program

Please see our section on ESL Classes.

Tutoring & Learning Center

A peer tutorial program offers tutoring for students needing assistance in English, Mathematics and Science. Tutorial labs are open during the daytime hours and early evening hours. These services are free to all students.

Transfer Center

If you are interested in transferring to a four-year college, the Transfer Center will assist you with transfer information, university applications, and essay writing. The center offers workshops throughout the year.

Each semester, the Transfer Center hosts representatives from University of California at Davis, California State University Chico, Simpson University and other private colleges and universities. Their resource library includes current catalogs for U.S. colleges and universities.

Health & Wellness Services

Comprehensive health insurance is mandatory and will be collected each semester with the student's registration. A health center is located on campus and is open to all international students for medical consultations and referrals.

Additional Campus Facilities

Students have access to a high tech computer labs and internet access through terminals located in our main library. Students Services Programs provide support services for students including assessment, counseling, career center and campus employment. Special sports facilities include an Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts, Athletic training center and an all-weather track. A theatre, art gallery and music studios accommodate dramatic, dance, and musical performances. The library is fully automated, featuring on-line access to over 70,000 volumes, 500 e-books and 3,000 journal subscriptions.