With over 70 years of academic excellence, Shasta College is proud to announce the International Online Education Program (IOEP). This program allows current high schools students and others outside the United States to enroll in online college level classes while remaining in their home country. The program provides the same learning opportunities to international students as to our local students.  

Program highlights and advantages include:

  1. Students can earn college credits while in high school in their home country.
  2. Shasta College is fully accredited by WASC, and courses and credits taken here can be transferred to other colleges and universities across the United States including UC Berkeley and UCLA.  
  3. Thanks to the taxpayers’ support, classes taken at Shasta are significantly cheaper than other universities like UC Berkeley, students can save tens of thousands of dollars by starting their college journey here then transferring to a four-year university.
  4. Our faculty are dedicated to helping their students and all classes are taught by professors, not by teaching assistants like in many research universities. 
  5. Our class sizes are small and students will have easy access to the professors.
  6. Shasta College provides free tutoring in English, ESL, math, business, science and many other areas.
  7. Shasta College provides free academic and personal counseling to all students.
  8. International students can build friendship with American students and learn American culture even before coming to the U.S.
Location Main Redding Campus | Building 2300, RM 2318
Mailing Shasta College Attn: Global Education/Student Life | 11555 Old Oregon Trail | P.O. Box 496006 | Redding, CA 960049-6006