Estimated expenses for one academic year. U.S. Dollar amounts below are approximate:

Total Estimated Cost for the 2023-2024 Academic Year: $21,804

  • Tuition and fees are paid each semester (not in an annual sum).
  • All other expenses are paid separately.
  • Summer Session (optional) - There are no unit requirements.
  • Summer Session fees are not included in the above total. 

2023-2024 Fees

Type of Fee Cost
​Enrollment and Service Fees* $8,184
Estimated Books and Supplies $1,000
Estimated Room and Board $9,960
Estimated Health and Accident Insurance ​$1,360
Estimated Personal Needs ​$1,300
​Total Estimated Cost ​ ​$21,804

*Based on $341.00 per unit for the minimum of 12 units for 2 semesters, plus campus fees, and are subject change without notice.