The Hire Up program is tailored to offer financial support to students who were formerly incarcerated, CalWORKs recipients, or former foster youth. The program provides a financial boost for your college journey through stipends meant to assist with your college-related expenses. The objective is to relieve financial stress during your college experience, allowing you to concentrate more on your academic pursuits! The stipends are equivalent to an hourly wage and are dependent on the number of units you are currently enrolled and align with your educational plan.
To be considered for the Hire Up Program you need to meet the eligibility criteria and let us know you are interested in participating.

Enrollment Level hours per week monthly stipend Semester total
6 – 8.99 Units 20 Hours Up to $1,360 Monthly $5,440 per Semester
9 – 11.99 Units 30 Hours Up to $2,040 Monthly $8,160 per Semester
12 + Units 40 Hours Up to $2,720 Monthly $10,880 per Semester

*Award amount is determined and subject to change based on your unmet need as determined by the Financial Aid Office.

Eligibility Criteria

  • U.S. Citizen, eligible non-citizens, or exempt from paying nonresident tuition per 68130.5
  • Must be a CalWORKs, Foster Youth, or formally incarcerated (within last 3 years) and Current Participant in Step-Up
  • Must be enrolled at least half-time (6 units) in a certificate or degree program
  • Must have a current FAFSA/CADAA on file
  • Must have unmet financial need
  • Be and remain on good academic standing (Maintain 2.0 GPA)
  • Agrees to letting the program know about where you work or study after finishing the program

Interested in the Hire Up Program? Fill out the interest form and talk to your program staff. Students must meet the eligibility requirements to participate in the program. Funding for Hire-Up is limited, submitting an interest form does not guarantee a stipend.


Impact on Financial Aid

Hire Up is a form of financial aid and is included in your total financial aid package. Hire Up wages may not exceed your unmet need for the academic year.

Unlike other types of financial aid, Hire Up earnings are not applied directly to your tuition and fees. Students who participate in Hire Up receive the funds in a monthly stipend, based on the number of units they are enrolled in directly aligning with the educational plan.

Have Questions? Use the contact info below to reach out for support.

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