Our new Work Experience Education platform is JobSpeaker and can be found under the Shasta Portal.

Work Experience Education is an academic program in which students earn college credit for what they learn while working at paid jobs or as volunteers (even if self-employed). Credits apply to the Associate Degree and can be transferred to 4-year California State Universities as elective credit. Each unit enrolled in is equal to 54 hours of paid or volunteer work.

Students are responsible for finding their worksite and coordinating with their supervisor. The Career Café team can aid in finding a worksite by assisting in the development of a resume or help with the job search process. However, this process should be completed prior to enrollment to avoid the risk of non-completion. 

Steps to Success

  • Utilize current employment applicable to your educational goals or seek employment aligned with your educational goals.
  • Enroll in a WEE course. Each unit equals 54 hours of paid or volunteer work performed. Example: A 3-unit WEE course would entail 162 hours worked during the semester to earn successful completion.
  • Work with your course instructor to develop learning objectives to input into your WEE profile.
  • Obtain both Instructor and Employer approval in your WEE portal (JobSpeaker).
  • Regularly log hours worked in JobSpeaker. At the end of the course the supervisor will approve and evaluate work performed.

Check out our Student Guide to Getting Started for more information!

How to access your WEE portal (JobSpeaker)

  • Login to JobSpeaker through your Shasta Portal.
  • Students and Instructors log in with their Shasta Portal username/password
  • Worksite Supervisors will log in with their email address after receiving an automatic email invite from the JobSpeaker system.

If you have questions regarding the course and how to complete the course requirements and/or learning objectives, please work with your WEE Instructor. If you have trouble logging in, reach out for support to careerservices@shastacollege.edu.