Worksite Learning (WSL) is an academic program in which students earn college credit for what they learn while working at paid jobs or as volunteers (even if self-employed). Credits apply to the Associate Degree and can be transferred to 4-year California State Universities as elective credit.

Students are responsible for finding their worksite and coordinating with their supervisor. The Career Café can assist in finding a worksite.

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  • New version of WSL application is live for Spring 2019
  • Students and Instructors log in with their Portal username/password
  • Worksite Supervisors will log in with their email address after receiving email invite from the system.
  • New to Portal?  View the Portal FAQs on the log in page!

If you have questions regarding the course and how to complete the course requirements, please work with your WSL Instructor. If you have trouble logging in, reach out for support to

Worksite Learning Guides

Your how-to guide on the program

Are you an instructor? View your worksite learning guide here.


  • Students: You use the same information you use to log into the Shasta College Portal.
  • Instructors: You use the same information you use to log into the Shasta College Portal.
  • Worksite Supervisors: You should have received an email from the system when the student added and approved the worksite to their job record.  It would have provided a temporary password to log into the system.  All worksite supervisors use their full email address as their username.

Students & Instructors: You change your password via the self-service tool in the Shasta College Portal.


Students can update/edit their own email address in the system.

Students can update/edit their own phone number in the system

Submit a help ticket from the login page of the software app and let IT know this and they will update your account and send you login in instructions.

The system only allows one Worksite Location to be associated with an email address.  Often times the worksite already exists in the list, but might have the name spelled differently or abbreviated.  Try searching the worksite list by the email address of the supervisor and see which worksite it is assigned to.  If it is your worksite, select it from the list.  If it is not your worksite, please obtain an alternate email address from your supervisor as the pre-existing email address is attached to the other worksite record.

Talk to your instructor directly, they can guide you on appropriate objective writing for your particular worksite location.

You need to supply your students with an alternate (non Shasta College) email address to enter into the worksite record for you.  If your student has already added the worksite location record, IT can update the email address associated in the record.  Submit a help ticket (from the WSL login page) to have your Worksite Supervisor account updated with your alternate email address.

​On the WSL login page, select the Worksite Supervisor radio button and then click the Forgot Password link.  Type in your email address and if it matches one in the system, it will send you a link to reset your password.  If it states their isn’t a matching email in the system, you should contact the student to ensure they entered the correct email address into the worksite record for you. 

If you need to have the email address changed or corrected, please submit a help ticket from the main WSL log in page with this information.