• Over and Above Textbook Grants
    • CARE will pay for anything required above the EOPS allotted book grant. (If you are being supported for school by the CalWORKs program, all your required books should be paid for by CalWORKs.) 
  • Supplemental Food Support Grants
  • Unmet Need Cash Grants
    • To be used for unmet educational essentials such as, but not limited to, unfunded required school supplies, transportation, technology, child care, car repairs or car maintenance.
  • Support to attend workshops or trainings in field of study.
  • Adopt-A-Family Referral

Support services available from the CARE program is subject to change and contingent upon availability of funds and your unmet need as determined by the Financial Aid office.

Program Overview

As a supplemental component of EOPS, CARE provides educational support services designed for the academically under-prepared, low income, single parent population. Grants and allowances for educationally related expenses such as child care, transportation, textbooks, and supplies may be awarded as a means of strengthening the retention, persistence, graduation and transfer rates of these individuals.

Students participating in CARE may choose a vocational certificate, or license, associate degree or transfer program options. Nearly half of all CARE students seek to transfer to four-year institutions; almost 40 percent choose an associate degree objective; and one-tenth desire vocational certificates or licenses.

CARE also extends an important safety net to students who meet EOPS/CARE eligibility criteria but are ineligible for TANF or CalWORKs​ cash aid and ancillary services, because they:

  • have exceeded the TANF lifetime limit (adults time-limited, but children in family continue to receive cash aid)
  • are sanctioned by CalWORKs, or
  • are ineligible for CalWORKs cash aid due to prior drug felony conviction.

The CARE safety net offers these students vital resources not offered by other programs for childcare, textbooks, school supplies, transportation and other services while they are enrolled in college educational and vocational programs.

As a first time college student, the CARE program has supported and provided me with many services. Without CARE, I’m not sure if I will be able to reach my educational goal.