It is the students’ responsibility to request accommodations and provide documentation of their disability. Partners in Access to College Education (PACE) office staff may assist students in acquiring verification of their disability from medical and mental health professionals. The verification must identify the student’s specific disability as well as the educational limits that result from this disability. For students requesting services for a learning disability, the PACE staff will evaluate previous documentation and can provide learning disability assessments in compliance with the guidelines for learning disability testing provided by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.

The certification of a disability by PACE is binding upon the District. The PACE professional staff possesses the necessary education and training, as prescribed by the

Chancellor’s Office, to make these decisions. All evaluation of documentation related to a disability will be done by PACE. Should a student present or offer such documentation to a faculty member, staff, or administrator, that individual should refer the student and documentation to the PACE Office. Students requesting PACE services for the first time complete a program application. Although federal law specifies that a student does not have to register with the PACE Office, the evaluation of documentation must be done by PACE. PACE adheres to a strict code of confidentiality pertaining to documentation and will not release information without first obtaining written consent from the student.