PACE will email instructors a notification letter regarding each student who is granted accommodations for each course. These accommodations are individualized and based on the impact of the disability on the educational setting. Instructors will not be told the nature of the student’s condition. 

This email notification will provide information about how to implement the accommodation. Instructors are legally obligated to fulfill the accommodations as outlined in this letter. If you need clarification or assistance in implementing the accommodations, please follow up with PACE staff at (530) 242-7793 . If you have concerns regarding the provision of the academic adjustments, please contact Sandra Hamilton Slane at (530) 242-7799. 

Instructors are not required to modify instruction, modify content of what is taught, or alter assignments. At times, the academic adjustment/ accommodation may contradict the guidelines you have established such as eating in class, extended time on assignments, or use of technology. If you determine that an accommodation does not apply to your class (i.e. you don’t evaluate through exams), please let us know. However, disallowing an academic adjustment or telling the student, "You don't need this" or "I don't allow that" puts the college out of compliance with federal civil rights laws, and exposes the college and the individual instructor to risk of legal action.