AP 7250 (formerly AP 7128) 

This procedure applies to Educational Administrators who have never been employed as full-time faculty members at Shasta College,* and who meet the state’s minimum qualifications for the discipline for which they are applying as defined in the document “Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges.”

Certifying Educational Administrator Retreat Rights

When a request is received by the Senate to certify administrative retreat rights in a specified discipline, the Senate President will notify all full-time faculty within the discipline. The Senate President shall select one person from the discipline to serve as a chairperson. The chairperson shall work with the other members of the discipline to select a screening committee to consider the application. The screening committee will consist of 5-7 full-time faculty, including the chairperson. If there are not enough full-time faculty in the discipline, then the Senate President will appoint faculty from a closely related discipline. The committee shall meet and construct a plan to evaluate the certification. The plan may include considering recent service within the discipline, reviewing minimum qualifications, or other relevant information. As a minimum, all applicants for retreat rights will be required to present a demonstration of competence in teaching or equivalent for the discipline. The process should be similar to that used when hiring new faculty.

Within 40 regular instructional days of the receipt of the request by the Senate, the screening committee shall report their recommendation regarding certification to the Senate Executive Committee. The screening committee will only recommend certification of a candidate who meets the standards that would normally result in sending an applicant to the President for hiring consideration. In other words, the interview should be such that the candidate would place in the top three of any normal full-time hiring search in the discipline. The Senate Executive Committee will verify that the screening committee followed procedure. The Senate Executive Committee will rely primarily upon the recommendation of the screening committee in making a decision. This decision will be forwarded by the Senate President to the Superintendent/President as agent of the Board of Trustees and to the Human Resources Office for informational purposes. Relying primarily on the advice and judgment of the Academic Senate (per Education Code Section 87458), the Board of Trustees will make the final decision.

Other Considerations

  • If retreating, the administrator will be assigned a tenure review committee and they will begin the first year of the tenure process as a new faculty member.
  • Prior service to the district will not count toward the tenure process.

Any failures to follow this procedure shall be resolved by the Senate Executive Committee.

* Administrators who were previously full-time faculty members at Shasta College do not need to apply for retreat rights. Those administrators will retain their seniority and will be allowed to retreat to the classroom at any time, for any reason. They will obtain the same tenure status and seniority level they had before moving to administration. Administrators whose retreat rights have been certified prior to the approval date indicated above will be allowed to exercise their retreat rights according to whatever agreements they previously had with the district. 

Approved by the Senate 11/26/2007