Shasta College will accept coursework completed at the upper division level under the following conditions:

  • The course must have been completed at an accredited college or university.
  • The course must be deemed comparable to a Shasta College course by the faculty in the discipline, or an appropriate designee, or an articulation agreement. Upper division courses (or graduate level courses) which require attainment of the lower division course competencies may also be accepted.
  • The upper division course may be used to satisfy a Shasta College major requirement, an A.S. degree general education requirement, or a prerequisite.
  • Courses will be accepted for subject credit only. Unit credit will not be awarded toward the 60 units required for the degree. Upper division courses will not used to certify CSU GE or IGETC requirements.
  • For the purposes of ADN or Dental Hygiene prerequisites, the grades earned will be calculated in the same manner as those transferred from another college or university.

Approved 12/13/04