The following majors have been selected because of the possibility of securing a living-wage, professional entry-level job in our local economy.  Two majors (Psychology and Social Work) often require continued education at the Master's level, and Liberal Studies requires an additional year for a Teaching Credential, but overall, the majors chosen allow a student to enter the workforce directly. 

Business Management

"Business Management" and "Business Administration" are used by universities to describe a broad approach to the foundations of markets, customers, finance, operations, communication, policy and leadership in a business environment.

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Computer Information Technology is designed for students interested in a professional career that involves solving the informational technology infrastructure needs of companies and organizations. There are variations in focus among the programs listed below; it's a good idea to talk over your interests with other Computer IT professionals to find out what direction you want to take with your career.   

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Most Criminal Justice graduates are employed at municipal, county, state, and federal levels of government throughout the United States serving in positions such as probation officers, parole officers, police officers, law enforcement personnel, juvenile workers, private security, correctional institutions, and human services.

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Earning a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development allows you to apply for positions as a Program Director.  You also have the opportunity to then continue on for a Master's Degree and teach Early Childhood Education at the college or university level or become a manager at an agency, such as a school district or county office of education. Your career opportunities increase with continued education.  The following programs have been approved by the ECE faculty at Shasta College.

Get your Bachelor's degree paid for! If you are currently a preschool teacher in a preschool participating in the North State QRIS (Quality Rating and Improvement System), there are funds for you to take coursework at Shasta College and a university as you pursue your Associate and/or your Bachelor's degrees. For more information, contact Rea McFadden in the Shasta County Office of Education,​.

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The Liberal Studies major incorporates a wide variety of classes from foundation subjects (language arts, math, social studies, physical and natural sciences) so that students are prepared to teach these subjects to elementary-aged children.  Students will need to continue their studies beyond the Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies to earn a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential ( 

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Whether you are entering college for the first time, are currently in the Shasta College ADN program to earn your RN license, or you already have a Bachelor's degree and want to complete your ADN degree, we have a pathway for you. Many universities offer "RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)" degree programs fully online.  Most require that you hold your RN license before the start the program, but a few allow you to start taking BSN coursework before you complete your ADN program.

If you have to take out a loan to earn your nursing degree, look online for information about the federal Health Resources and Services Administration NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program

Major maps: different pathways to nursing degrees​

Compare universities' pre-requisites and costs: RN to BSN Pathways comparison (PDF)

Information about specific RN to BSN programs:

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Psychology is the scientific study of how individual people behave, think, and feel. Employment opportunities include, but are not limited to human services, mental health, business, education and counseling. Some employment opportunities may require a student to continue their studies beyond the Bachelor's degree to earn a Master's degree.

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In California, a person must hold a Master's in Social Work to become a licensed Social Worker. Earning your Bachelor's Degree in Social Work (BSW) is your first step towards that licensing! Find out more about licensing through the California Board of Behavioral Sciences​. Both programs below are accredited not only by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (standard, regional accreditation), they are also accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.  This body verifies that Social Work educational programs include the required content and internship hours necessary to help you reach your goal of becoming a licensed Social Worker.

Funding for Bachelor's (and Master's) in Social Work 

CalSWEC’s Title IV-E helps students in approved Bachelor’s (and Master’s) of Social Work programs with stipends or tuition and books/supplies reimbursements. Program benefits vary by university and student status (part-time or full-time). Program recipients must work at a public child welfare/tribal agency upon graduation for  1 to 2 years. For more details, use the following links. Questions? Contact the campus representative indicated on the website:

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General Studies is a term used to apply to majors that utilize almost any Associate degree, even if that Associate degree was not originally intended for transfer to a university (applied career technical Associate degrees). Universities use different names for these Bachelor's degree programs, including "Applied Science," "Leadership Studies", and "Organizational Leadership." These majors tend to focus on general management skills for people who have been working in an applied field and now want to move into leadership positions in their same field. An example would be a firefighter with an Associate degrees in Fire Science who needs a Bachelor's degree to achieve a higher rank in their department.  Some of these majors allow you to essentially create your own major and select classes that will benefit you; other universities have a set program of leadership and management classes. ​​

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The Health Information Management Program consists of educational courses in the third and fourth year at upper division level that result in a Bachelor's of Science degree in Health Information Management. The Health Information Management Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM)​. Graduates of the program are eligible to apply for writing the national examination for certification as a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA).

Learn more about Shasta College's Health Information Management Program

Are you a licensed dental Hygienist (RDH) from an accredited dental hygiene program? A B.S. in Dental Hygiene will expand you professional opportunities beyond the private dental office and promote career advancement in management, education, public health, and research.

Students will gain a broader understanding of the field and to improve their skills in both clinical practice and in patient education. You could earn your B.S. in Dental Hygiene in one of two years completely online.

All programs through BOLD will have national accreditation through the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) is the national programmatic accrediting agency for dental and dental-related education programs at the post-secondary level. CODA employs a rigorous, collaborative peer review accreditation process to evaluate the quality of more than 1,400 dental and dental-related education programs. These programs include predoctoral (DDS/DMD) dental education programs , advanced dental education programs, and allied dental education programs.

Sociology provides an excellent opportunity for a broad exploration of society and social interaction. Designed to support a strong foundation in those skills that are essential in today's 21st century job market including critical thinking, information analysis, creativity and innovation, communication, collaboration and social/diversity awareness.

A degree in sociology supports a broad spectrum of career interests in everything from healthcare to law enforcement.

Career/Salary for Sociology Majors

Salary Range for Sociology Bachelor's Degree: $40-$75,000

Career Options:

  • International Aid
  • Community Services
  • Health Services
  • Higher Education
  • Law/Government
  • Public Relations
  • Social Services
  • Social Researcher
  • Community Development

For more information about careers in sociology, explore 

Communicaiton studies is an academic discipline that deals with processes of human communication and behavior, patterns of communication in interpersonal relationships, social interactions and communication in different cultures. Communication is commonly defined as giving, receiving or exchanging ideas, information signals or messages through appropriate media, enabling individuals or groups to persuade, to seek information, to give information or to express emotions effectively. Communication studies is a social science that uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to develop a body of knowledge that encompasses a range of topics, from face-to-face conversation at a level of individual agency and interaction to social and cultural communication systems at a macro level. (Source: Communication Studies)

Why isn't my major listed?​​

We are currently focusing on the majors listed. It takes a lot of work to identify quality programs. If you are getting ready to transfer and want help identifying a quality online or local Bachelor degree-completion program, we are happy to talk to you. Please email us and we can send you some general information about selecting a reputable online university.