Two courses in Zoology are offered at Shasta College:

ZOOL 1 GENERAL ZOOLOGY - 4 Units:  The study of the major divisions of the animal kingdom with emphasis on the origin, adaptations, functions, and development.

ZOOL 105 HERPETOLOGY OF SHASTA COUNTY - 1 Unit:  Note: Field trips are an integral part of the course and are therefore mandatory.Class Hours: 18 lecture/9 lab (field trip) total Designed for individuals interested in natural history and field biology by providing the student with a basic awareness of the diversity of amphibians and reptiles that inhabit the local area. Lectures will feature slides, diagrams, maps and other media to present concepts in anatomy, physiology, behavior, systematics and distribution. The students will use various capture techniques and learn to record data and observations in a notebook format while in the field. Moderately rigorous hiking may be involved.

​Department: ​Life Sciences
Coordinator: Dr. Morgan Hannaford