This certificate prepares you to be an intermediate-level Administrative Assistant. Administrative Assistants work for supervisors, managers, and executives. Students learn the following skills:

  • Document and Data Handling: How to prepare, modify, and proofread documents such as reports, letters, memos, records, lists, and schedules.
  • Technology: Working knowledge of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Access, and Outlook. Incorporate computer graphics into documents, in addition to computer based filing methods and procedures.
  • Keyboarding: Type 45-50 words per minute.
  • Interpersonal: Meet and greet clients and visitors, maintain a pleasant manner, and project a professional image in person and on the phone.
  • Confidential: Handling of mail, money, and receipts, and record keeping.
  • General: Research and price office furniture and supplies with attention to detail. Scheduling and reporting duties. Obtaining on-the job training through the Worksite Learning course at Shasta College is highly recommended.

This certificate is approved through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. Upon satisfactory completion of the listed requirements and filing an application for graduation with Admissions and Records, the student’s transcript will reflect completion of this certificate.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student should be able to:

  • Type for 5 minutes at a minimum speed of 40 words per minute with five errors or less.
  • Proofread typed work, mark and count errors, and compute speed.
  • Establish folders (directories) and sub-folders (sub-directories) for information management.
  • Increase abilities related to formatting business letters, memos, tables, mail merge, and reports including employment documents.
  • Answer, with at least 70 percent accuracy, questions on objective tests covering technical information.

Certificate Requirements

  • ACCT 101 Basic Accounting I 3
  • BSOT 10 Excel for Windows-I 1
  • BSOT 11 Excel for Windows-II 1
  • BSOT 51 Introduction to Keyboarding and Word 3
  • BSOT 52 Intermediate Keyboarding and Word 3
  • BSOT 64 Computerized Ten-Key 0.5
  • BSOT 80 Outlook 1
  • BSOT 84 PowerPoint 1
  • BSOT 92 Word for Windows II 1
  • BSOT 94 Business Systems and Office Tech WSL 1
  • BSOT 152 Keyboarding for Speed and Accuracy 0.5
  • BSOT 158 Office Procedures for Admin Assistants 3
  • BSOT 166 Records Management 2 
  • BSOT 171 Proofreading 2
  • BUAD 80 Principles of Customer Service 3
  • CIS 1 Computer Literacy Workshop 3
  • CIS 20 Access for Windows-I 1
Total Units for Certificate: 30

For reference only as of 2019/2020

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