Associate in Science | SC Program: AS.1380

Program Overview

To learn more about the program including cost, application process, enrollment criteria, and more, please visit the Associate Degree Nursing Program website.

Associate Degree Nursing

The educational objective of the Associate in Science Degree Nursing program is to prepare the student who, upon graduation and successful completion of the NCLEX-RN, will be able to function within the scope of nursing as defined by the State of California Nursing Practice Act. Students must meet established physical criteria to participate in the clinical area. The program goal is to prepare students to pass the NCLEX-RN.

This degree is approved through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. Upon satisfactory completion of all degree requirements and filing an application for graduation with Admissions and Records, the student’s transcript will reflect completion of this degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this degree, the student should be able to:

  • Synthesize principles of holistic nursing practice to provide evidence based care to clients and their families throughout the lifespan.
  • Integrate principles of critical thinking and the nursing process to enhance care delivery, and protect clients and healthcare staff.
  • Apply evidence based concepts of nursing practice to provide care and comfort, promote health and wellness, manage health care alterations, and reduce risk potential across the healthcare continuum for clients and their families.
  • Incorporate the concepts of therapeutic communication and evidence based nursing care to promote and support the emotional, mental, and social well-being of clients, families and the community.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of the Humanities requirement (Area 3).
  • Completion of competence in math (See Area 4C or meet with a counselor).
  • Completion of the multicultural requirement

Note: Before entering the A.D.N. program, students must complete the degree requirements.

It is recommended the student meet with a counselor for course planning and refer to the RN to BSN road maps to ensure that their additional course work (General Education and Electives) will also meet the requirements for an RN to BSN pathway.

Requirements for Enrollment into the Program

Space in the program is limited. A new class is enrolled every semester.  In order to be eligible for enrollment, students must satisfy the prerequisites listed below and file a multi-criteria enrollment packet with the Health Sciences Division Office during designated enrollment periods each June.

Applicants found eligible are ranked following the multi-criteria selection process guidelines. Sixty (60) applicants will be chosen from this process for enrollment; thirty (30) for the fall semester and thirty for the following spring semester.  For specific information, please see the Application Process tab on the Associate Degree Nursing website or call the division office at (530) 339-3600.

Students must meet all of the following requirements for application

  • Students filing enrollment packets must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • The “Prerequisite Science” courses listed below must be completed with a grade of C or higher in each course and a minimum science 2.5 GPA.
  • Prerequisites must be completed upon application. No in-progress courses will be accepted.

Prerequisite Courses

Science Prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better in each course, and a minimum science GPA of 2.5. All science prerequisites must have a lab component.

  • ANAT 1* Anatomy 5
  • MICR 1* Microbiology 5 
  • PHY 1* Physiology (with lab) 5

General Education Prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better in each course.

  • ENGL 1A* College Composition 4
  • PSYC 1A* General Psychology 3
  • ANTH 2* Cultural Anthropology 3 OR SOC 1* Introduction to Sociology
  • CMST 54* Small Group Communication 3 OR CMST 60* Public Speaking

* May be used to fulfill General Education Requirements. See a counselor.

Note: CMST 10 (Interpersonal Communication) will be accepted in place of CMST 54 or CMST 60 only if completed with a grade of C or higher during or prior to Spring 2014. PSYC 14 (Psychology of Personal/Social Adjustment) will be accepted in place of PSYC 1A only if completed with a grade of C or higher prior to Fall 2017. SOC 2 (Social Problems) will be accepted in place of SOC 1 only if completed with a grade of C or higher prior to Fall 2017.

Total Prerequisite Units: 28

Degree Requirements

Students must be enrolled in the ADN Program in order to take the courses listed below. Students must show competence in both clinical and theory components (with a grade of C or better) in order to progress through the curriculum. A failing clinical grade in either theory or clinical will require withdrawal or result in failure of the program.

Core Courses

  • REGN 15 Health and Illness I 6.5
  • REGN 15P Professional Nursing Practicum I 5.5
  • REGN 25 Health and Illness II 6.5
  • REGN 25P Professional Nursing Practicum II 5.5
  • REGN 35 Health and Illness III 3.5
  • REGN 35P Professional Nursing Practicum III 2.5
  • REGN 36 Maternal-Child and Pediatric Nursing 3.5
  • REGN 36P Professional Nursing Practicum: Maternal-Child and Pediatric Care 2.5
  • REGN 48 Health and Illness IV: Community, Mental Health, and Medical-Surgical Nursing 6
  • REGN 48P Professional Nursing Practicum IV: Community, Mental Health, and Medical-Surgical Nursing 6

Total Units for Core: 48

Associate in Science Degree Requirements

Major: 76

Additional General Education: 6

General Electives: 0

Degree Total: 82*

*Note: Calculation assumes a student will double-count the Multicultural graduation requirement with either a social science or humanities G.E. requirement and that the student will fulfill computer literacy through a test. If students plan well and see a counselor, they may be able to double count the Multicultural and Computer Literacy units. If these graduation requirements are added, the number of units is increased by 6 units. The enrollment process for LVNs desiring to transition to RN has changed. For pertinent information see Advanced Placement tab on website or contact the Division at (530) 339-3600.

Enrollment Criteria for the 30-Unit Option - Non Degree - LVN-RN Program

LVNs may elect to take a non-degree program under the BRN regulation 1429 – the 30 unit option. This consists of eighteen (18) units of nursing and ten (10) units of related science. REGN 35PX, REGN 35X, REGN 45PX, REGN 45X, REGN 46PX, REGN 46X, REGN 47PX, and REGN 47X are the required 18 units of nursing. Microbiology and physiology are the required 10 units of science. Students must see nursing program director if considering this option.

For reference only as of 2019/2020

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