The Shasta College Music Department offers a wide variety of music classes, and is dedicated to serving all student clientele, including music majors, pre-music majors, general education students, and community / returning students. Enrollment within all music courses is approximately 1,500 per year. The Music Department offers an Associate Degree (A.A.) in Music, an Associates Degree-Transfer in Music (A.A.-T), private studio instruction for all full-time music majors (winds, strings, keyboard, percussion, and voice), transfer courses for music majors, and General Studies (Music-Humanities) transfer requirements.  All interested students are strongly encouraged to participate in Department activities. The Music Department maintains a supportive and congenial atmosphere.

Facilities include a theatre, instrumental rehearsal room, choir room, general classrooms, practice rooms with pianos, and a computer laboratory (with computers, keyboard synthesizers, practice instruments, and a variety of audio processing, theory & musicianship, and composition software).

Performance opportunities are provided by many different ensembles, ranging in size from well over 100 to chamber ensembles with fewer than 20 members. Our ensembles include the Shasta College Symphonic Band, the Shasta Symphony Orchestra, the Shasta College Concert Orchestra, the Community Chorale, Concert and Chamber Choirs, the Vocal Jazz Ensemble, the Shasta College Jazz Big Band, and the daytime Jazz Ensemble. Rehearsals take place during both day and evening time slots, depending upon the specific ensemble.

Available full-term classroom courses include a core sequence of music theory classes, along with keyboard classes, History of Jazz and Early Rock (General Studies), Music Appreciation (General Studies), World Music (General Studies), History of Rock (General Studies), Beginning Strings, Beginning Voice, Beginning Guitar, a wide variety of performance ensembles (Band, Choir, Orchestra, Jazz), private studio instruction for all full-time music majors (winds, strings, keyboard, percussion, and voice), and a variety of other short-term courses.​ 

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Dalton Fitzgerald

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Location Main Redding Campus | 609

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