Campus Safety officers and supervisors have received training in Incident Command and responding to critical incidents on campus. General information about the emergency response and evacuation procedures for Shasta College are publicized each year as part of the institution’s Clery Act compliance efforts and that information is available on the Campus Safety webpage.

Campus Safety has developed an Emergency Operations Plan to address various campus emergencies. 

Campus Safety coordinates with outside sources utilizing the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) for managing response to multi-agency and multi-jurisdiction emergencies. SEMS incorporates the use of the Incident Command System (ICS), the Master Mutual Aid agreement, existing mutual aid systems, and County operational area concept, and inter-agency coordination.

This system, by promoting the use of common terminology and command structure, facilitates better flow of information and coordination between responding agencies.

More information on the plan is available to view or print by visiting the links below:

Emergency Notifications

In order to receive emergency notifications from Campus Safety, you will have to make a quick update to your MyShasta account. Please follow these steps in My Shasta to change your settings:

  1. Login to the My Shasta portal.
  2. Open User Options.
  3. Click on User Profile.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and locate the phone number section.
  5. Add a new home phone number or edit your existing preferences.
  6. Select the “type” as “cell phone,” if the number is a cell phone. (Note: Campus Safety can only send text messages to cell phones)
  7. Click the box authorizing text messages. 
  8. (Click “Save”) Close your browser.

Employees and students can opt to not make these changes, but you will NOT receive any emergency alerts or time-critical notifications to your cell phone. You will however continue to receive emails and audio announcements while on campus.

Stay Alert!

Shasta College uses a mobile alert emergency notification system, InformaCast, to broadcast alerts. Campus awareness bulletins are available