Shasta College was awarded a Hazard Mitigation Grant from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to develop a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP).  Hazard mitigation plans are designed to reduce the loss of life and property damage by lessening the impact of future disasters.  The Shasta College LHMP will cover each of the five Shasta College campuses, provide analysis of existing hazards, and develop a strategy for improving the safety within our facilities.  The plan will include a risk assessment that examines the type, location and extent of all natural, human caused and technological hazards that can affect Shasta College.  In addition to the identification of those risks. The plan will provide a mitigation strategy that presents a blueprint for improvement on identified vulnerabilities.  

The project will extend into April 2023 and include significant interaction with the Shasta College community, local organizations, and government entities.  The LHMP development process is designed to take place over a period of 3 years.  The Local Planning Team (LPT) will:

  • Hold public hearings, meetings, and/or workshops during the plan development period.
  • Solicit input from citizens and professionals with knowledge of applicable hazards.
  • Solicit input regarding the feasibility of potential mitigation measures for each hazard and the prioritization of mitigation projects.
  • Review the final draft of the plan and the plan’s goals and proposed mitigation projects.
  • Be involved in the implementation as well as the updating of the plan’s goals and proposed mitigation projects.

The LPT will hold a Campus Open Survey to allow students, staff, and faculty members to take an active part in the planning process.  The Campus Open Survey will be held in May of 2021 and participants will be provided an opportunity to provide input through an interactive survey.  The LPT will review all information and pertinent responses will be included in the LHMP