The policies and procedures listed below affect the health and wellness of students, faculty, staff and visitors of the Shasta-Trinity-Tehama Joint School District and are within the guidelines of state and federal laws including, but not limited to: the Jeanne Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act, Campus SaVe Act, Title IX, ‘Yes Means Yes’ Affirmative Consent, and Kristin Smart Act.

By visiting the following link, you will be redirected to the Board Policy website and you can review the policies listed below: Board Policies

Board Policies

Reference Policy # and Content

  • BP/AP 3430      Prohibition of Unlawful Discrimination or Harassment
  • BP 3440               Emergencies
  • BP/AP 3500     Campus Safety
  • BP/AP 3501     Campus Security and Access
  • BP/AP 3503     Missing Student Notification
  • BP/AP 3505     Emergency Response
  • BP/AP 3515     Reporting of Crimes
  • BP/AP 3520     Local Law Enforcement
  • BP/AP 3530     Weapons on Campus
  • BP/AP 3540     Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus
  • BP/AP 3550     Drug Free Environment and Drug Free Prevention Program 
  • BP/AP 3551     Student Drug and Alcohol Testing and Criminal Background Checks
  • BP/AP 3560     Alcoholic Beverages      
  • BP/AP 5520     Student Discipline 
  • BP/AP 3900     Speech - Time, Place and Manner
  • BP/AP 6520     Security of District Property
  • BP/AP 6750     Parking
  • BP 7600             Campus Security Officers