Safe Walk Escort

The Campus Safety Department provides safe-walk escort services to and from parking lots upon request. Contact Campus Safety at (530) 242-7910 or use a "Blue Emergency Phone" located in campus buildings to request an escort. ‚Äč


Shasta College requires parking permits in all parking lots. If you have a parking question or questions about a citation please call (530) 242-7910. Please do not use Blue Emergency phones for parking-related issues.

For more information, please visit Parking.

Lost & Found

The Campus Safety Department serves as the main Lost and Found for the Shasta College Campus and is located in Building 6500. Items are kept in the Lost and Found in a secure locked cabinet or safe, (depending on the value of the item). Items will remain in these areas until claimed or donated at the end of the semester.

Important Change Notice: Lost and Found items that are not claimed by the owner are donated to non-profit organizations or Student Organizations two (2) weeks after the end of each semester.

If an item is found anywhere on campus the item needs to go immediately to the Lost and Found to the Campus Safety Department, Building 6500. It is very important that all items be labeled and brought to the Campus Safety Department as soon as possible. Please label the item with the following: date, time and the location found. Do not send any items through interoffice mail.

If a staff member in your department can not bring the item to Lost and Found, please call our office at (530) 242-7910, and we will have the item picked up from your department or office. If a student or person comes into your area inquiring about a Lost or Found item please direct them to the Campus Safety Department, Building 6500 and/or call (530) 242-7910. 

Please direct individuals with found property to the Campus Safety Department, Building 6500. If the property cannot be taken to the Campus Safety Department, please call (530) 242-7910 for item pick up.

If a name is located on an item, a Campus Safety staff member will attempt to contact the owner of the item either by phone, email, or mail. Please do not attempt to contact the owner, this could cause confusion as to where the call came from.

If a person has come to Lost and Found and their missing item is not there they may complete a Lost Report. The Lost Report will be used to cross-reference and match any items that have been delayed in reaching Lost and Found. The Campus Safety Department will make contact with the owner of the property.

Photo identification is required when picking up an item.