I've done the FAFSA what's next? 

1 to 2 weeks after you complete the FAFSA, Shasta College will download the application. Once we have your FAFSA a​n email will be sent from our office. It will include links to the forms you need or you may log in to "My Financial Aid" on MyShasta to view any requested information we need to determine your financial aid eligibility. 

We cannot download your FAFSA unless you have completed the Admittance Application with Admissions & Records.​

For more information including types of aid, you can watch videos from the Federal Student Aid YouTube.

Reasons we haven't received​ your FAFSA:

  • The Social Security Number on the FAFSA is incorrect
  • Shasta College doesn't have your correct Social Security Number
  • The Shasta College School Code was not on your FAFSA (School Code: 001289)
  • It has not been 1-2 weeks since your FAFSA was processed by the federal processor

Make appropriate corrections online by logging in to your FAFSA application and/or at the Shasta College Admissions and Financial Aid Office in Room 139.

Submitting Financial Aid Forms

  1. Log in to your MyShasta ac​count  
  2. Click the "My Financial Aid"
  3. An alert will be visible if any documents are needed.
  4. View and complete the requested documents.
  5. Submit your completed forms:
    • In person:
      Our Office (Room 139, Building 100) the Tehama Campus, the Intermountain Campus or the Trinity Campus.
    • By Mail:
      Shasta College Financial Aid Office
      PO Box 496006
      Redding, CA 96049
    • By Email: financialaid@shastacollege.edu


We process in "Received" date order.  You can check the status of your documents via "My Financial Aid" on MyShasta

You may view the date we are processing on the Financial Aid homepage. Any forms marked as “Incomplete” or “Needed” in "My Financial Aid" must be submitted before we can finish processing your file.

​​Estimated Processing ​Timeframes

Timeframes vary dependent​ on the number of files received​. ​

Date Processing Time
March 1 - April 30 2 to 3 weeks
May 1 - June 30 3 to 5 weeks
July 1 - October 31 6 to 8 weeks
November 1 - December 31 3 to 5 weeks
January 1 - February 28 or 29 2 to 4 weeks

October 1

New ​FAFSA is available, apply for the next academic year!


A valid FAFSA and all forms must be received while the student is enrolled. However, students selected for verification must submit all documentation within 120 days of the students last day of attendance. After that date the student loses any eligibility of aid for that academic year.

Award Letters

Once your file has been evaluated and eligibility determined you may view your Award Letter on “My Financial Aid”. Award letters are progressive and funding is posted as eligibility is determined. 

The Award Letter is based on full-time (12 unit) status, if you are enrolled in less than full-time or if you drop classes during the semester your payments will be adjusted to reflect your current enrollment status. View our chart on the Disbursement Schedule for more information.

While we make every effort to package accurate awards based on your cost of attendance and need evaluation, we reserve the right to adjust your award notification at any time. Awards may be adjusted for reasons such as change in units, additional awards, funds availability or Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Students who have been overpaid will be responsible to return funds. While we make every effort to cause the least amount of error, overpayments, regardless of the cause, will be the responsibility of the student. 

Students may only receive payment from one institution at a time. In some instances, due to attendance during summer terms or transferring from another school, some students may receive an overpayment due to a delay in reporting from the prior school. When this occurs the student will be required to repay any overpayment. ​ 

​Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU)

Students have a limited lifetime eligibility for Pell Gran​ts. You may monitor your Pell LEU at studentaid.gov​.