A student may challenge some classes by taking an examination or assessment.  Examinations/Assessments may be taken only once and, if passed, the credit will be posted on your permanent academic record.

Assessment can be defined as a skills demonstration, term paper, or any other method or combination of methods or tools that faculty use to evaluate, measure, and document the academic readiness and/or learnings of a student. An assessment may require a series of meetings or submissions.

Below is a list of classes in which a student may request credit by exam/assessment:

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Courses Eligible for Credit by Examination // Effective Fall 2016 (updated 12/09/19)
Accounting ACCT 101, ACCT 102, ACCT 104
Administration of Justice ADJU 010, ADJU 015, ADJU 016, ADJU 017, ADJU 018, ADJU 020, ADJU 021, ADJU 022, ADJU 023, ADJU 026, ADJU 030, ADJU 040
Agriculture Business AGAB 051, AGAB 054
Ag – Animal Science AGAS 010, AGAS 011, AGAS 019
Ag – Horticulture AGEH 026, AGEH 031, AGEH 033, AGEH 034, AGEH 035, AGEH 036, AGEH 038
Ag – Equine AGEQ 012, AGEQ 013
Ag – Mechanized Agriculture AGMA 044
Ag – Natural Resources AGNR 001, AGNR 006, AGNR 050, AGNR 052, AGNR 064, AGNR 065, AGNR 070
Ag – Plant Science AGPS 020
Art ART 001 Art ART 002 Art ART 003 Art ART 004 Art ART 006
Sign Language ASL 001, ASL 002, ASL 003
Business Systems & Office Technology BSOT 010, BSOT 011, BSOT 051, BSOT 052, BSOT 064, BSOT 084, BSOT 091, BSOT 092, BSOT 150, BSOT 158, BSOT 166, BSOT 171
Business Administration BUAD 010, BUAD 041, BUAD 066, BUAD 106, BUAD 166
Career and Life Success CALS 210, CALS 255
Computer Information Systems CIS 001, CIS 002, CIS 020, CIS 021, CIS 031, CIS 032, CIS 060, CIS 061, CIS 062
Culinary Arts CULA 045
Fire Technology FIRS 070, FIRS 071, FIRS 072, FIRS 074, FIRS 079, FIRS 086
French FREN 1, FREN 2, FREN 3
Fire Technology – Wildland FTWL 101, FTWL 102, FTWL 103
German GERM 1, GERM 2
Japanese JAPN 1, JAPN 2, JAPN 3, JAPN 4
Music MUS 001, MUS 002, MUS 003, MUS 004, MUS 005, MUS 022A, MUS 022B, MUS 022C, MUS 022D, MUS 029
Natural History NHIS 015
Nutrition NUTR 27
Elementary Spanish SPAN 1, SPAN 2
Theatre THTR 012, THTR 034

To request credit by exam/assessment, please follow these steps:

  1. Meet with your Counselor to discuss the particular course(s) you want to challenge. Be prepared to specifically discuss your relevant knowledge related to the course(s) content.
  2. Submit the Credit by Exam/Assessment Form (PDF) after meeting with your Counselor. 
  3. Your request will be routed to an appropriate Instructor who will contact you to discuss your relevant knowledge of the course content. The Instructor may decide one of three things:
    • You are not prepared to challenge the course by exam/assessment, or
    • The course itself is not appropriate for Credit by Exam/Assessment, or
    • You and the Instructor will set a date for your exam/assessment
  4. If you are approved to take the exam/assessment for credit, the grade the Instructor assigns you for the exam/assessment will be the grade posted to your transcript. 

Please Note: If Shasta College awards Credit for Prior Learning coursework and units, they will be used to fulfill your Shasta College graduation requirements. This coursework and associated units will be added to your Shasta College transcript.

If you plan to transfer to another institution, please be aware that every college/university has their own policies about Credit for Prior Learning.  What was accepted at Shasta College may not be accepted at another institution.

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