Shasta College recognizes that some industry credentials may fulfill course objectives and student learning outcomes for corresponding Shasta College courses/programs.

Below is a list of pre-approved recognized credentials and the corresponding class(es) in which a student may receive credit:

  • In Development – Our faculty are currently reviewing credentials that align with our programs.  Additionally, as individual students request evaluation of their credentials, that information will be also be included.

If your credential is not on the pre-approved list, please follow this process to be considered for course credit:

  1. Meet with your counselor to discuss your Industry Credential(s) and how it/they may align with our coursework.
  2. Complete the Credit for Prior Learning: Industry Certificate/Credential Petition (coming soon!). Please be prepared to upload a copy of your certificate/credential and comment on your relevant work experience (if you have any).
  3. Your request will be routed to the appropriate instructors and they will evaluate your credentials for potential academic credit. You will be notified of their decision.

Please be aware that if your Credentials are older, were issued prior to the faculty's pre-approved "Recency" timeframe (how recently it was issued), or no longer active, our faculty may not be able to grant academic credit due to the changing nature of the relevant field.

Please Note: If Shasta College awards Credit for Prior Learning coursework and units, they will be used to fulfill your Shasta College graduation requirements. This coursework and associated units will be added to your Shasta College transcript.

If you plan to transfer to another institution, please be aware that every college/university has their own policies about Credit for Prior Learning.  What was accepted at Shasta College may not be accepted at another institution.

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Speak to a counselor for all Credit for Prior Learning options and how they can best meet your academic goals.