The following list is an approximation for those expenses commonly experienced by students.  Each individual will find there is variation depending on the source and item purchased, and changing college enrollment fees.

Estimated Program Costs

The fees below are subject to change without notice. This cost estimate does not include costs of transportation, campus parking, meals, or lodging for students.

First Year Fall/Spring Summer
Units* 29 1**  
​Enrollment Fees ​$1,334.00 ​$46.00
Books ​$1,000.00  
Student Health​ ​$40.00  
​Campus Center ​$41.00 ​​$17.00
​Instruments & Student Kits ​$4,650.00  
Name Tag / Student ID Badge​ ​$20.00  
Uniforms / Shoes​ ​$350.00  
SADHA Dues​ ​$90.00  
Semester Total $8,925.00 $63.00
First Year TOTAL $7,588.00

*Additional purchases by students (not totaled under expenses will include: Face shields and any instruments that are damaged and need to be replaced. Additional immunizations and CPR certification not covered.

** Each Summer Session is optional but highly recommended.

Units 26 1**
Enrollment Fees​ ​$1,242.00 ​$46.00
Books​ ​$700.00  
Student Health​ ​$40.00  
Campus Center​ ​$41.00 ​$17.00
​Name Tag / Student ID Badge ​$20.00  
SADHA Dues​ ​$90.00  
​Additional Expenses ​*TBA ​*TBA
Semester Total ​$2,133.00 ​$63.00
​Second Year TOTAL ​$2,196.00

​*4th Semester - Community Oral Health has purchases for oral presentations. 


​​​Additional Expenses During Program Costs May Vary​   
National Board Review - Offered at a variety of locations ​$400.00 Optional
​National Board Exam (Due in January) $500.00
​Board Exam / Life Scan (Due April) / Ethics Exam $1,500.00
Hotel, Travel Expenses, Food for State Boards (Self and Patient)​ $1,000.00 to $1,500.00

Instrument kits, and student kits are designed by the program faculty.  The SCDH Program works specifically with vendors who have dental education at the forefront of their services.  The instrument kit is purchased in the first week of school.  Every effort is made to keep all costs at a minimum to the student.  Students are required to purchase the instrument kit through the program.

  • The dental Loupes representative will meet with the class and size each student the first week of school. Students are required to purchase their loupes through the selected vendor.
  • Kilgore International, Inc. periodontal typodont will be purchased prior to the first week of school and the purchase information will be given to the student at the orientation meeting.
  • Enviropak​, LLC reusable sterilization pouches (sizes pre-selected) will be purchased prior​ to the first week of school and the purchase information will be given to the student at the orientation meeting.
  • Uniforms are selected by the program faculty. Students may select any style desired in the required color.
  • Students will be required to join the Student American Dental Hygienists' Association (SADHA/TBA annually).

Financial assistance is available. Students seeking assistance should contact the  Financial Aid Office on campus at (530) 242-7650. There are scholarships available for dental hygiene students.