Students who complete the Dental Hygiene Program at Shasta College are eligible to apply for an Associate of Science Degree. Students must meet all of the requirements for graduation as indicated in the catalog to which they have "catalog rights​". Catalog rights are determined based on when a student initially took courses at Shasta College. As long as a student maintains continuous attendance at Shasta College, catalog rights are protected. If there has been an interruption in classes for more than two semesters, the student will be held responsible for the graduation requirements in effect at the time they re-enter Shasta College.

** Graduation requirements will be changing in the 2025 filing period to include Ethnic Studies. Please see a Health Science Counselor for more information. 

Required for Application

No in-progress courses will be accepted.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with the Health Sciences counselor prior to filing their application packet, to make sure that the graduation requirements are completed. 

Degree Filing​

In addition to the Prerequisite courses, there are some graduation requirements that need to be satisfied in order to apply to the dental hygiene program.  These additional requirements are: 

  • A humanities class selected from Area 3 of the Associate Degree General Education pattern
  • A math class selected from Area 4c of the Associate Degree General Education pattern, and 
  • A multicultural class selected from Area 6 of the Associate Degree General Education pattern.

Note:  Some humanities classes satisfy the multicultural requirement, making it possible to satisfy the three additional graduation requirements with only two classes.

It is the student’s responsibility to file an application for the degree. The application should be filed in the Admissions & Records Office during the applicable degree filing period as announced through the Admissions & Records Office.